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fibre optic cable


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does anyone know if/what improvement this cable is likely to make to moi


I see they have been cable laying around the exchange at Graven and i live at the end of the line in mossbank with a dire connection....BT,VIRGIN ect will not even give me a service


if its never going to improve i'll have to think about a satellite service, but don't want to pay out for this just before things improve (if ever )


many thanks to anyone who knows about these things

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The network we are putting in serves two purposes....


1. It will be use to connect up Council buildings as part of the replacement of Pathfinder.


2. It is a transmission (backhaul) network for use by anybody that wants it. This may or may not include the telcos.


The issue for your area may be down to backhaul but it is more likely to be down to long lines (distance from your house to the exchange). Improving backhaul won't solve your problem, neither will ADSL2+.


The only way your service would be improved is if BT put in a cabinet closer to your house. This may or may not happen as part of the HIE/BDUK project. More details on that project are likely to be available soon.


The other option you have is to get your community interested in setting up a broaband scheme like Vidlin, Fetlar, West Burrafirth. You would be welcome to use our fibre for the backhaul. To make this work financially you would need somewhere in the region of about 20 customers.


If you want, you can get me on 01595 744921 to discuss further.





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