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Perhaps more about reputation I think. Tescos profits are flagging, unusual considering many cut price shops boom when we are struggling. Last thing they may want is photos of empty shelves. Imagine if folk had enough of relying on these providers and did a little work on sustaining themselves.


Of course, they are only thinking of you(r money).

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Tesco seem more committed to a lifeline service than Serco - maybe Tesco should run the ferries :shock:


Am sorry but have you missed the fact that the WEATHER is preventing the ferries sailing?


I was referring to Serco's performance since they took over (fare hike, crew redundancies, strike, etc), not tonights weather.

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May be more effort in community gardening and community co-ops.


A bit late for this Christmas.


Forgot that this is the only Christmas ever. Mind, it may be for some.


What I do not get is the fact that everyone (implied by this thread) will have Christmas devastated because of the weather and the fact that large passenger carrying vessels with a hole in each end will not travel in the rough weather due to safety.


On the other hand Mikey, Christmas is a time for you all to get together, then New Year, first footing. Well, if you think that is not the time to discuss the future then you could be the creators of your own Yuletide misery next year.


I do worry about the mettle of the spawn of my ancestors. Perhaps too spoilt in the past.....perhaps?

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I too am working, a service to the population. What ever you call my posts (frankly, the more imaginative language you use the better) they are not I suppose what you want to hear. Live for now then..


While I drive around the routes in East Lancashire, glancing through the windows of family houses having Christian celebrations as I spread my Holiday Grittings I will also think of you as you work.


I was sure this season was about spreading good will, as will be the next similar season.


Ah yes, as you seem to think my posts are psychobabble, I will indulge you with this post so at least you could be right, just this once.


"What annoys me most is conversational psychoanalysing - when someone (outside of a therapeutic context) frequently tells you that you don't really mean what you're saying, that you're in denial about your true feelings or ignoring what is going on at a subconscious level. Particularly annoying is when they then go on to tell you what you're really feeling!"


Psychobabble (a portmanteau of "psychology" or "psychoanalysis" and "babble") is a form of prose using psychological jargon, buzzwords and highly esoteric language to give an impression of plausibility through mystification, misdirection, and obfuscation.


You may be right, I do have difficulty in relating to some of the chyte (leymanbabble) folk post on here.


Anyhow, good will to you all, who ever you are....I am sure you will get it.

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What ever you call my posts (frankly, the more imaginative language you use the better) they are not I suppose what you want to hear. Live for now then..quote]


What are you talking about? " Live for now " you don't know me or anything about me.


Why do you keep making these assumptions about people?


Who are you to tell me what I should do at Christmas?

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^ Funny....


Any how,


Latest weather warning....


Southeasterly gales will develop across the Northern Isles during Saturday and become severe later on Saturday and for much of Sunday. Gusts of 70-80 mph are likely combined with driving rain and perhaps some sleet or snow at times. Winds should gradually ease from the south later on Sunday.


The public should be aware that this could cause continuing disruption to transport with greatest impacts likely in Shetland.


The Hercules seems to have captured the boars, lets hope he can save Christmas...

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You could go out rustling in the windy weather. :wink:


I remember one year at Christmas, I was staying down Burgh Road, there were two storm systems over Shetland, it was that windy the water went up Burgh Road and down to the Sletts, the toilets at the hospital overflowed, there were thousands of lighting strikes on the island and around it. Think it was 1999/2000.


It was a truly exciting time, sheets of iron embedded in houses and all sorts.


I do hope and wish for no harm to come to anyone during this time, that, after all is the main thing. There will be many folk who will not be able to make it to the shop, let alone worry it is under stocked. Instead of thinking about the trimmings, perhaps we should knock next door and share.

If it is difficult for transport, other services could be affected, meals on wheels, visits by auxiliary nurses and health care folks, the police, fire, coastguard, ambulance, RNLI and social volunteers. That is what folk should be more concerned with.

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The simple answer is that these boats weren’t designed for the routes they sail...not my opinion. I’ll paraphrase a crewman, “they don’t sail with weather...because they are frightened...never any problems with the older boatsâ€...we went on, “they have flat bottoms...what else can you expect...plus, far too much superstructure above the water...never meant to be hereâ€.


However, not to worry you all, I’d still sail with them as I believe them to be very competent seaman. Only downside appears to be less sailings on the grounds of safety...so I’m not complaining.

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