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Power cut in the south end last night?


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7.15pm to about 4.30am so about 9 and a quarter hours.


I plugged in an old clock radio and left it ready for when the power came on, so I could work out the time it came on :)


Interesting idea about the electricity company, not sure it was long enough, but I will try and find out.


//Edit Doesn't look like it. Has to be 18 hours in normal weather, or 4 x 3 hours in a certain number of days, I forgot how many.



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Apparently it was (in their words) "A wire down at - oh, I can't pronounce it [plays music for 2 minutes]; sorry about that, it was a wire at Black Gaet. They've fixed the wire now and we'll be turning it back on at 2 o'clock".

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