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How Safe is Your Hospital


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I interpret client confidentially in that you never disclose personal details outside of discussion with relevant parties within the organisation.

So, you work for a solicitor and you don't go chatting to your mates about Mrs Chatsworth getting a divorce because her husband is having an affair with the milkman. - It's made up, purely fiction in case there are any Mrs Chatsworths out there with husbands in a similar situation.


Gagging is inserting a clause threatening staff for speaking about internal errors or problems within an organisation - ie with the organisation itself.


So, you could have a situation where staff are aware that widespread medical errors are taking place but their contract states that they will be sacked and prosecuted if they speak about it.


Here, of course, you have cross-border incidence with criminal negligence. Say for saying's sake that Harold Shipman had a nurse that had been in attendance when he was giving his patients overdoses but her contract contained a gagging clause - where does that leave nursey? Some would say, no contest, she reports him or she's party to murder. But that is a clear cut case and where should the line be drawn and who dictates where it is drawn?


I still don't know if the contracts contain confidentiality clauses (which they should) or gagging clauses.

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Just thought of a specific instance with regard to confidentiality. A couple of years ago a woman I know went berserk because her husband had gone to the doctor and the doctor had starting telling the husband all about the woman's medical condition. Shame she hadn't told him first. All hell broke loose.

Breach of patient confidentiality - even to a husband.

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Senior medical staff in the north east of Scotland have warned that services in key areas are at breaking point.


More than 20 consultants at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI) have written to NHS Grampian's board, saying the situation is "critical"



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