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heating your house


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Hi folks, I heard someone some time ago say they had a visit from a guy that provided free advice on heating systems and renewables. It was something go do with Government schemes.


Does any one know who this?


Or I am looking to change heating system in house and any input would be welcome, preferably from someone that is not selling it!

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I stay in Norway and almost every house has this type of heating. We fitted a new 7.1kw unit last year and it operates at full capacity down to -15 degrees C. So you certainly do not have to worry about alternative heat sources.

The power it uses is minimal when compared to what you get out in heat.


From memory Im pretty sure that Isometric Engineering (Henry McColl) fits Panasonic units in Shetland and there are a couple of others. Check in the Shetland directory for Heating and Ventilation (HVAC).


If you are building new it might have been worth considering the combined air & water type, it helps to heat the hot water tank too reducing the power required from the immersion in the tank.


Good luck...

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Yes we put this (Panasonic units) in,  in June and its certainly a lot cheaper than storage and fully controllable. I think they are very popular in Orkney. Heats the room from cold in 15 mins. I think the max input is about 2KW and it  has replaced 4 storage heaters.  It says it will operate up to -25 C outside. Kept the storage heaters for a while just in case but never had them on,  Keeping a monthly log of the meter readings , and still looking good. Only thing it doesn't do is heat the water, Put in by a Tait man from Levenwick

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sorry my mistake misread my own spreadsheets .it was 5252 units for all electricity for 118 days = 44.5 units per day =312.6 units per 7 day week. Period 5 nov to 3 march - so winter months. It will be a year in June when I will be able to compare directly with last year. However this year I am well in credit instead of being down


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