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Sir Patrick Moore R.I.P.


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What sad news.


A true gentleman and although The Sky At Night is on a little too late at night for me I watch them on youtube and it's so nice to find something that offers a little bit of escapism from the drudgery of life.


I remember watching a documentary about him and apparently his fiance was killed by a bomb attack in WWII and he never really got over it - hence the fact he remained unmarried.



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R.I.P. it is sad, hope he will watch us now from the sky (as astronomer he is where he should be).


Astronomy also fascinates me, and it is interesting how much scientists have learned about the stars in the last decades. Radiation, the galaxy and so on...and the astronauts with their equipment can even walk on the moon. :D I find it fascinating that there are watches which resist air and water pressure so strongly, that they can dive down deep with the divers and fly up as high with the astronauts.


(*** Mod - Don't think I don't see what you're doing. A clever spammer is still a spammer ;))

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