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SHETLAND says NO to Scottish Independence


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Sorry, can other Shetlanders have an opinion? Your thread title gives the impression that you have decided for us.

have a look at the Yes Scotland website http://www.yesscotland.net/

If we regain our independance, we can then vote on our way forward. This of course involves an Election. A vote for independance isnt a vote for the SNP.


PLEASE!...of course it’s a vote for wee Alex & co...aka SNP

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I'm afraid the evidence from Devolution is that life for Shetland under an independant Scotland, whatever political party is in control, would be unbearable.


It's bad enough now but with full unleashed control/power I shudder to think what that would mean for Shetland.


I would like to know just how many people turned out for the "Yes Shetland" meeting.


Reading between the lines my guess is there was little support for it.

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Hmm, no, I heard it explained on(of all places) SIBC a couple of months ago.


Unfortunately, as an "officially recognised part" of Scotland we would be bound by any vote in relation to Scotland BUT we would then be entitled to hold our own referendum in relation to Shetland's future.


I don't know if you saw my earlier post in another thread but according to my source Jens Stoltenberg extended a hand to us for a return to Norway when he gave a speech at the Town Hall back in May.


If only our inept SIC Councillors would show some initiative and get the issue/debate going in relation to what Shetland is going to do....

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As an 'adopted' Shetlander, I just don't get it..


I can't see what independence would do for Scotland other than give the "ding a lings" a chance to add to the mess we are in already.


The nub of the problem seems to be EU membership and, if what I read elsewhere is correct, Scotland would have to re-apply and that would mean adopting the Euro as our currency and being forced to adopt a whole raft of other measures and controls that we are currently exempt from.

Additionally, it would also mean extra taxes. Salmond & Co have already negotiated some tax raising powers and, if he didn't think he needed them, why is he asking?


Where's the 'independence' in that?


Independence, for me, means being in TOTAL control of our destiny and not having to answer to London, Edinburgh or Europe.

It means being in control of ALL natural resources out to established international limits.

It means being able to stand toe to toe with every politician and bureaucrat and tell where to get off because we would have our own agenda and, would be able to stick with it..

It also means that we could legally hang local politicians etc. who get us into deep water over bridges etc... :D

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^ Just think of all that cheap fuel just round the corner :-



Anyone know where the fuel is shipped in from ?


The petrol seems cheap because there's no tax on it. This is interesting though




Stanley Services Limited (SSL) was formed in 1987 and is a joint venture between the Falkland Island Government and commercial partners S & JD Robertson Group, who were a well-established distributor of fuels in Orkney, Shetland, Northern Scotland and the Western Islands of Scotland and are now a Business Services Group

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