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Pen Spinning


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All depends on your ability and what spin weight you're looking for.


Usually it's blue black or no ink.


Blue ink is the standard for beginners because it is less dense and has a quicker acceleration.


Black ink is generally used for competition, but most ammateurs avoid it in practise because it can cause blisters.


No ink is a bit of a specialist category with a super low spin weight that some pros dabble in to perform manouvers that just arent possible with ink.

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They start young in Asia and Shetland has a fair bit of ground to cover before we can compete :D

Yes special pens are used, typically custom made with bits from other pens, but there are some commercially available spinning pens now.

We have a strict no pedophile policy though, sorry :cry:

We have ordered a massive 40 foot long inflatable pen from America that the team will be carrying around Lerwick in a week or two.

We are going to attempt a 20 person "Thumb a round" providing our inflatable thumb arrives on time from Asia, I hope to see all you Shetlinkers on the street!

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