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Hercules freight plane

1979 Sheltie

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Do you think the storm 9 winds forecast would be an issue for such a big plane?.


I ken the peerie Flybe eens cope braaly good but it's a big aircraft on a narrow runway.

If, as looks likely, the wind is blowing along the extended coast to coast runway she should be able to land with ease.

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There's plenty of stock in the two local shops I've been in today, but I've heard several reports of panic buying in Tesco.


I suppose it shows how reliant some folk have become on Tesco.


Maybe it's a sign of the times, but I've always thought being cut off from the mainland for a few days in winter was one of the 'charms' of living in Shetland :wink:

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We were told when we were young about folk being cut off for more than a few days and always having enough to keep them going. I even heard of one tale of an elderly woman burning furniture to stay warm.

Odd how in 100 years, folk have gone from hardy and trusted workers (whaling + fishing) to folk who cannot keep a bit by for when the weather closes in. Ah weel....

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