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Hercules freight plane

1979 Sheltie

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If you choose to travel during the winter months then it's no-ones fault but your own if you get stuck somewhere. It's been on the Met office forecast since the beginning of the week. Hardly unforseen.


Anyway, it's the same as driving your car when you know there's a blizzard coming and then whingeing when you get stuck. Tough.

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I was due to head home on the Friday night boat but due to the weather I am currently chilling in Aberdeen.

People have been saying Tesco are sending up older fruit and vet (Peat) however if you read their Facebook page it clearly says they sent their trucks back to their Livingstone base (I think it is) empty them, restock them and get the trucks to the airport. The cost to Tesco for trucking stuff up and down the road then charter 2 flights and restock the shelves while disposing of the old food must be costing a complete fortune.

I also worked at Safeway as a teenager in the fruit and veg dept., even if the boat is cancelled for one day the stock in the warehouse drops dramatically... even in the summer. One year the boat was cancelled at Christmas time for one night and we ran low on festive veg, only to be told by the older generation (they looked it or they had a hard paper round) that I had ruined their Christmas, Kavi can you explain why it is the older generation that were unreasonable and lack forward planning?


Kavi, the last time I checked Shetland was still part of Scotland and will continue to be. Shetlanders I know watch and support the Scottish football and rugby teams but are still proud to be Shetlanders and I see little problem to that. You make it sound like Scot's in Shetland is like a disease or something negative... welcome to a multi-cultural community.


In all, the way I look at it Shetland has not been negatively affected by what Tesco has done... in fact it has benefitted.


Flybe flights are a bit pricey but still good jod getting it arranged at short notice.


Perhaps it is some Xmas spirit from Tesco and plenty of stick from the Shetland Scrooges.

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You could be right, though I would compare the generosity of the "gift".

Tesco can do it because the costs compared to profits are very small. If Lochside Stores did it, that would be generous gift. Though I would think you could get Lochside Stores in a Hercules. Although we should applaud success, if it is rightly gained, we should be wary of it. Due to this success, not attained in Shetland but elsewhere, Tesco can now rule the roost amongst retailers in Shetland.


#SprootAid The first of Da Sproot Flights arrives safely.

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One thing us shetlanders do very well is moan... Tescos is a supermarket not a people carrier, i am grateful for tescos getting more food up as i need to do my normal weekly shop and before everyone moans about using local shops, i cant afford their prices! see all you moaners at tescos




Here, here thunderbird2!

If you don’t like Tesco then all you moaners shop elsewhere.

Oh! I forgot elsewhere are running out as well.

When you moaners can’t get what you want?

I’m sure you will stick to your principles and drive on by the Tesco.

And leave those who just want their shopping less time queuing at the tills.

Oh! And by the way not everyone does Christmas.

There hasn’t been any Christmas decoration put up in my house since 1981.

Don’t have a TV either the peace and quiet is brilliant.

So well done Tescos

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Dont you think Spinner it should be Serco / Northlink who should be chartering planes to get folk home for Christmas after all its there ships that are stuck in harbour due to weather no body can do a thing about..

Good on you Tesco keep up the good work dispite all this negativity


Its not up to anybody, this was a very well forecast spell of bad weather, plenty of time for people and shops alike to plan ahead..


As I said before, all that's actually happened is a shop has a slight shortage of some very niche products, all of which are available elsewhere. Would anyone not looking for Turkey or Brussels even notice?


Of course its totally up to Tesco what they want to do but wouldn't they have been cheaper to do what the Coop does? Plenty of fresh veg there today, same with bread and milk etc, all local.


So I can see why people take a cynical view too. Media reports make it seem like Shetland is starving, which is of course utter rubbish. There is plenty here, just not necessarily in Tescos :D

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There's a lot of talk on this thread about 'Tesco' , the faceless corporate juggernaut. But I think it's worth remembering that the success of this whole operation is probably thanks to a few local staff who came up with the idea and managed to get approval at such short notice. And not forgetting the local staff now working the extra hours to get all this stuff on the shelves.

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Didn't Concorde once touch the runway at Sumburgh in the distant past??


No, but it did do a touch and go in Aberdeen. It was only supposed to do a fly past, but apparently the flight crew had some friends at Aberdeen and arranged the touch and go on the QT. The video was on youtube some time ago.


Nimrods used to practice approaches into Sumburgh, don't believe any ever landed though?

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