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Hercules freight plane

1979 Sheltie

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Totaly disagree with you there, what hapens at the airports have nothing to do with the dockers in lerwick, the same as im sure if something happend to the flights and they bussed the airport staff to carry bags of the boats.


why would they get extra money for doing their normal working hours?


plus id thought they are employed by the Lerwick Port A. and they would only do that if their employer agreed with the airport managment to lend them their staff.

This was sea cargo brought in by air not air cargo so rightfully dockers work.

Those rates of pay are the normal rates for the job on a Sunday more than a mile from the normal port when raining.

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its only sea cargo when it gets on a boat. the owner changed his mind and took it off the sea and put it to air and as its their cargo they can do what they want.


As all the dockers are employees of the LPA they could have lost their jobs for working for someone else. or they could have flown up the Aberdeen dockers as its them that touches it first? persuming their employers agreed to release them to work else where too.

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People, I do detect that BlackPhemie's posts are tongue in cheek.....


Dockers(as most remember them/it) are pretty much a thing of the past apart from the Freezer Boats that come in and the meal boats in Bressay.


I think BlackPhemie's post is in reference to how good the old dockers had it!.

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