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Silver Fox Farm at Tingwall - More info?

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Does anyone know anything about the Silver fox farm that was in Tingwall during the first half of the 20th century? The only info I have found out is a couple of photos on the museum website of a man with an alsation dog holding a fox cub.


When did it open and close? who ran it? does anyone have a fox fur with the tingwall farm label in it?


Look forward for any info you have.

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There are a total of 5 photos here




the old house of Swinister was a short distance down the Linkster road (the junction on the left after the big ferries info sign and before the Tingwall straight) The house was an imposing two storey building which was quite a landmark when the new road bypassing Tingwall was opened in 1978. By that time it was semi derelict, just being used as a store. The house was burned down deliberately and demolished in the 1980's. The outbuildings are still there.

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There was a house in Tingwall which was struck by lightning and then later pulled down is this the same house. Was there also a mink farm in Shetland?


I think it is the same one.


There is story about a Shetland museum exhibit on fox and fur farming in Shetland. It mentions a mink farm at Whiteness, which may have been the buildings now used for the Wormadale Chalets.




There was also a mink farm in Aith, at Scarvataing. It was run by my Dad's cousin, John Robert Nicolson.

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