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New Years Resolutions


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Happy New Year Everyone :)


I thought it might be fun if we posted up our Resolutions as a way of keeping them, we could support each other. :)


My resolution is to be more sociable, visit neighbours and friends, maybe even invite people to my house - shock horror. :)


Anyone got any others?

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I haven't really thought of anything for new year resolutions, what I should say is just live 2013 and wait for Glasgow 2014 next year.


I used to go to the gym at the start of January but only exercise (or hang out) for about 20 to 30 minutes. That was how school taught me to use the gym but I'm thinking not going there anymore because I hate seeing bodily flabs wobbling about in the most horrible of places where you should never eye up on!


Last night when I was visiting my aunt and uncle at their new house, we were all discussing what to do in 2013: my dad said that instead of me lounging around in the house I can chauffeur him around Shetland although we had a bit too much whisky we thought we wouldn't continue the conversation!


Anyway, nothing planned for me. I'll just live and thrive the new year.

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