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It appears that another voluntary organisation has been shafted by the SIC. 

Are you saying Promote Shetland are a voluntary organisation?  If not, who?


They are run by the Shetland Amenity Trust which is a voluntary organisation, ie not a sole trader, limited company or government body.



I've always been under the impression the Amenity Trust was a registered charity with paid employees. Okay, folk maybe volunteer piecemeal to participate in certain Amenity Trust short term initiatives, such as the cleanup, but i wasn't aware they maintained a signed up team of permanent volunteers to be called upon when needed, in the same way as say the lifeboat or some rural fire stations do, which is usually what is understood to be the typical definition of 'voluntary organisation'.


Charities are voluntary organisations because the trustees are all volunteers who give up their time for no financial gain.

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^ Fair enough. I presume that's the legal definition of voluntary organisation. Its just that the popular definition of a voluntary organisation tends to be where the workers give up their time free of charge, and the renumeration status of whatever type of board ultimately governs it is not particularly relevant. An organisation of the type the SAT is, where virtually all, if not all of the workers within it are employees, tends to be popularly perceived as a not for profit enterprise.

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I believe (but I could be wrong) that Wool Week was originally started by Jamieson & Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers) with their own money... (and unlike others who seem to benefit, they have certainly put enough into it)


Hardly an original(?) idea by Promote Shetland but, fair play to them for getting involved in what has proven to be a very succesful exercise.  When it's on, you can't seem to move in SWB's shop for loads of women sitting around knitting.  Only things missing seems to be a guillotine and a few bodies.. :razz:


Only complaint I have about it is that they (SAT) couldn't seem to run it "in house" but had to employ(?)  someone to organise/run it each year..  Hardly "best value".  Maybe the people who should have taken the responsibilty didn't want to get their hands "dirty" by doing some actual work...  Can't see that improving under the SIC either..

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OK, Oliver Henry has told me this morning that it was He, on behalf of Jamieson & Smith, who started the very popular Shetland Wool Week in late 2010.


He also said that it quickly became apparent that, without employing extra staff, Wool Week would be to "big" for J&S to handle alone and, subsequently, enlisted the help of SAT via the late Jimmy Moncrieff.


Other local businesses have joined in and a major part of the funding for Wool Week is paid for by some of these

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Maybe this would need it's own thread but interesting(?) reading anyway.






Might be the cynic in me but, does anyone else feel that this is an attempt to "pick the carcass clean" after the death of Jimmy Moncrieff.


On the up side, it looks like a lot of our concillors were not prepared to be "railroaded" into any kind of decision without further facts.


On the down side (maybe not), it looks like some officials might have been caught with their hands in the "cookie jar".

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Seems that I'm not the only one who thinks that "something is going on"


Perhap, if any jobs need to be "lost", they should be within the Development Department?


Who put in the other tender?


They won't tell you that...  It's "confidential"..... :twisted:




Should probably start with the SIC Business Development Manager if that’s the best he can come up with!

It’s about time somebody started to make SIC managers accountable for their actions & Fu*k-ups which are becoming all too common and costing a fortune!

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While I'd put nothing past the Council's hired help, fundamental changes were inevitable within the SAT as well at this time - there's new brooms in charge. If any proof was needed of that, yesterday's statement provided it.


Jeemie M'crieff was a 'heritage tourism' orientated man, and steered the SAT very much in that direction. Other folk who now hold the upper hand no doubt have other priorities, and are pushing them.


Whatever the 'official' announcements and negotiations may be billed to be and have been, there's inevitably been informal mutterings afoot too as a result of the early part of the contract being addressed as "a continuation of business 'as is'" as being the only viable way forward for the SAT, to M'crieff's departure allowing others forces to come in to play that's put the goalposts of wheels to try and find a compromise that might be acceptable all round - and they haven't.



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