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Locations on Adverts

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He he. I knew you were going to post that before you did. Predictable.


Verily thou dost appear to be a soothsayer! The power and good thou might command... Alas thy brabbling, tis naught but a vexation.

The perissology in thy "location" and scriptitation in this forum suggests thou dwells perpetually in widdrim.

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Yup, probably, but, was not this about adverts, anyone who may know a little of Shetland may be knowledgeable enough to know that there are no motorways on Shetland, ergo, if I were to place any such advert, it would be plain to see that the location was not on the isles. Also, I would state that postage would be a necessity unless it can be transmitted electronically.

What the point you may want to be pointing out is already obvious. I do not envisage anyone trawling up and down the M6 near me looking for a peat style abode. It does show the willingness to argue about any old slester by folk on here and I am happy to oblige.

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This thread is meant to be about putting a location when posting classifieds. If shetlandpeat wants to mention a motorway in his profile or if I want to change mine to Dark Side of the Moon then so what. Matters little where we live when posting or reading opinions but it matters a lot more when some physical object needs to be seen before money changes hands.


And I can assure you that I have looked at adverts and simply decided they are most likely about something located in or near Lerwick so I have not bothered. My loss perhaps but potentially the seller may have lost a sale because I did not know they were a bit closer to me.

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What the point you may want to be pointing out is already obvious.


It may well be, but god only knows what the heck your trying to say :wink:


He knows what he's on about and I'm thinking that is good enough as far as he is concerned even though he is addressing other people.



Think the best thing to do is have an ad template that way you have to include information such as location, price etc before the ad can go live. Don't know how a difficult a thing that would be to do with the forum software.


If someone puts up an ad with information that isn't correct then report it to a mod and they can deal with it.

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Can people not just PM the seller or is that to much trouble?


Well said Chuck.


After all if someone is selling something you want, it doesn't take two minutes to pm them.


We seem to live in a world where we want everything laid on a plate for us.


The classified system is obviously very popular and seems to work well. Surely it's up to the individual how much information they wish to put out in the www.

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