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Locations on Adverts

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Ok. So I tried adding a 'Location' field to the classifieds, but there's just no way of doing it. Sorry. The plugin doesn't support custom fields. People will just have to put it in the description. Or, if they don't and you PM them to ask, maybe they'll get the hint and add the location next time. Teach a man to fish... ;)


As for getting help modding the classifieds... I read the concern that mods are unable/unwilling, etc. But it's the smallest part of the work, to be totally honest. Yes, stuff gets missed; but the detractors probably don't realise how much effort does go in. There are waves too with periods where we all can't get to spend enough time - it happens, but it's not the end of the world.


More mods are a possibility, but it's not my call to make and it's not clear that simply adding people to the effort is the proper solution. I have been discussing a 'proper' solution back and fore with other mods and interested parties, but you'll have to wait and see. ;)

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As a seller, when i list something i generally provide a phone number and prefer this than pm's that can go back and forth for a week or more!!

The point being my area code would narrow down my location, not that im against supplying a location.

As a buyer, if im interested enough in something, a glance at a photo to confirm its what im looking for, then its on the phone straight away before someone else buys it, assuming a number is supplied!! Far easier and quicker than all these flaming pm's..... Can take weeks to practically give something away.

Rant over

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