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Israel vs. Middle Eastern Arab states

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Of course the IDF are a bunch of Nazis and are always in the wrong according some on here.

fact is if the Hamas ever get their way and israel is destroyed they will turn on other palastinians for not being palastinian enough.

My personal experiance in the region always leaves me thinking of the life of Brian without the laughter

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How nice; the Muslim Council of Britain has now decided to join in with January's Holocaust commemoration.




"The Muslim Council of Britain has previously not participated in the Holocaust Memorial Day because it felt that the event was not properly inclusive of genocides of more recent times."


I don't give money to the RNIB because it isn't inclusive of those who are deaf.


Those visually impaired invaders. Why don't they go back to where they came from instead of stealing our brothers' land and enslaving our people.

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When are we getting a Youtube video of KOYTWATSI reading from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?


Like a man with Youtube Tourettes we've seen posting after posting of genuine evidence for the 911 conspiracy, something da vinci code-esque about the pyramids and an astounding refutation of the scientific method from you.


C'mon lets hear and see the truth from your own face, quoting the original and best anti-Semitic conspiracy theory publication of them all.


I dare you.

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Thanks for that small biography from oh...




These people also look up to Freedman.


The Nationalist Library, Re-educating Whites around the world...




lovely, and


The National Alliance






(*** Mod - Removed personal info, and personal attack ***)

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Hang on, someone posts a polemic from a noted anti-semite without any qualifying remarks or disclaimers (indeed he tried to bolster Freedman with a bio from www.benjaminfreedman.net), who's views are lauded by white supremacists like The National Alliance and The Nationalist Library and I'm modded for calling the poster a racist.


Justified personal attacks are not tolerated whereas attacks against a whole race are left unmodded?

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...and I'm modded for calling the poster a racist.

No. You were modded for handing out personal details. As for the content of Koy's posts; I am glad you're here providing a balance of opinion. Just have to remember to keep it to the topic, rather than getting personal.


This is not a thread for discussing Shetlink T&Cs however.

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