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'If you speak to my officials like that again I'll bite your balls off and send them to you in a box': How IDS bared his teeth in welfare row at Treasury

Work and Pensions Secretary loses his temper after criticism of his staff

Universal Credit will combine a string of benefits into a single payment

Treasury has raised doubts about the cost, scale and pace of the changes



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2317084/Iain-Duncan-Smiths-threat-Treasury-Ill-bite-balls-send-box.html#ixzz2RwyyD2wy



I think Mr Smith may have forgot to take his tablets this morning or maybe perhaps he has overindulged in his weetabix :shock: Either way the cracks are showing Wally :lol:

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Dole office site only works on PCs over 10 YEARS OLD




Benefits claimants signing up for disability living allowance online are told they cannot use modern browsers, smartphones or even Macs.


The Department for Work and Pensions' microsite - available at www.dwp.gov.uk/eservice - states that folks should use it for claiming attendance allowance, disability living allowance and expats' state pensions from the public purse.


However, the microsite will not work with Apple Macs nor other Unix-based systems (such as Linux), according to the DWP itself. Neither is the site compatible with smartphones - or any Internet Explorer installation more modern than version 6, released back in the heady days of 2001.


Blind claimants attempting to submit a claim for disability living allowance are told they may "wish to claim in another way". The compatibility warning on the site states that it may not work with the JAWS or Supernova screen readers, both of which were developed for blind computer users.


Expats using Windows Vista while trying to claim their state pensions are also "likely to have problems", according to the DWP. Anyone stuck on the web forms can call a hotline or fill out a lot of paperwork.


Speaking to El Reg, benefits claimant Amanda Leek said: "It shouldn't be this hard to figure out if you're going to afford food in the foreseeable future, especially when the website pretends to be helpful."


Brits clicking on a link to claim disability living allowance from the DWP's new home on the shiny GOV.UK portal are taken to the microsite and greeted with the following warning:

DWP browser compatibility warning


Achtung: Thou shalt not use thy modern tech here


Clicking "tell me more" displays a list of operating systems and browsers the site is designed to be compatible with, complete with the following warning:


Many of these [browsers and operating systems] are no longer available.

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So it would appear the austerity measures are causing a BOOM in some areas....


Austerity: Boom times for the soup kitchen food supplier


The growth of FareShare, which distributes low cost food to charities serving vulnerable people, tells us the UK's voluntary welfare safety net is under huge strain


From soup kitchens to OAP lunch clubs and domestic violence refuges, food social enterprise FareShare's customers are a useful barometer of the impact of austerity and cuts on Britain's most vulnerable communities.


This morning FareShare published its latest annual figures: they show not only that demand from charities and community groups for its low-cost, high-quality food supplies is booming (I wrote about this here), but that it is comprehensively outstripping supply.


According to FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell:


What this tells us is that more and more front line charities who are providing front line support to the most vulnerable people are turning to us as a financial coping mechanism because local authority grants, statutory funding and funds from other sources are hard to come by.

Over the past 12 months, FareShare has distributed 4,200 tonnes of surplus food "rescued" from supermarkets to local charities and community groups which provide meals to beneficiaries, up 16% on 2011-12. That haul (which otherwise would have ended up in landfill) contributed to an estimated 10 million charity meals, feeding 44,000 people a day (up from 36,500 the year before).


FareShare now supplies 910 charities and community groups (up by 26% on 2011-12). These organisations, a tiny fraction of the UK's voluntary welfare safety net, pay annual membership fees equivalent to roughly 10% of the value of the food they consume. Many more want to join up but FareShare simply cannot source enough food to supply them. Some of FareShare's 17 depots have waiting lists of 50-60 charities wanting to sign up.


Last Autumn it published an impact survey among its members which revealed that 42% were suffering from government cuts while 59% reported an increase in demand for food from their beneficiaries. Over two-thirds predicted that demand for meals would rise in future.


Back then I spoke to youth worker Amie Wheal, who provides a Friday evening meal for local children on the Preston road estate in Hull, Humberside, using food supplied by FareShare, for which it pays £250 a year. The charity she works for, Child Dynamix, also sends out food parcels to financially struggling local families. It had experienced a 70% increase in demand for the meals from families finding it hard to make ends meet.


I caught up with Amie again yesterday: she told me need among local families had probably increased, though the charity itself was full to capacity and could do no more, even with the help of the FareShare drop:


I think there's lots of demand out there but we are limited to amount of families we can work with because of staffing and capacity constraints. If we had more funding the chances are we would have new people here every night.

Boswell reckons that the food industry - supermarkets, manufacturers and distributors - could release much more surplus food. It handles just 0.1% of UK food waste; increase that to 1% and FareShare's member charities could feed, in theory, 400,000 people a day - although whether the member charities - like Child Dynamix - have the logistical capacity needed to provide that level of meals without extra funding is open to question.


Both Boswell and Wheal suspect that the impact of welfare reforms will increase demand, although they say it is too early to say for sure. FareShare and its members may have a role in helping to ameliorate some of the social damage of austerity measures but already the scale of the challenge is daunting.


As Boswell puts it:


If you look at the number of charities out there providing food we could expand 50 times over. The need is absolutely enormous



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Perhaps another retrospective change of law will be needed to cover up their incompetency :shock:

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The Ratbag Song (Iain Duncan Smith v Willie Black)

Dedicated to Willie Black and his colleagues from the North Edinburgh Fights Back Action Group who ambushed Iain Duncan Smith's PR offensive in Scotland on 27th March 2013, LYRICS BELOW.


Ma first name is Willie, ma second is Black

The folks in ma scheme we are under attack

we used to be broke, noo we're worse than that

Noo we've a' had enough and it's time to fight back


A Tory came up tae a city hotel

Tae tell all his palls his propsals were swell

I booked me a room and I stayed for the night

And kept ma heid doon till he came into sight.


The chair o the meet, said hello Duncan-Smith

Some wumin fae Morningside, blew him a Kiss

I rose tae ma feet and some started to hiss

As I spelt out the truth, these words flew from my lips


You're a Ratbag, you're a Ratbag, from doon London way

You're a Ratbag you're a Ratbag on millionaires pay

You're a Ratbag who'll try take our hooses away

You're a Ratbag, and a Ratbag, forever you'll stay


You came for the sick and robbed their ESA

Stole vital tax credits, from folks on low pay

Noo your daft Bedroom Tax takes oor hooses away

So to you and your kind, i have one thing to say




When people frae Pilton and throughout the land

Rise up side by side, and united we stand

Today willnae seem such a hullabaloo

cause were gonna be back, and see the end of you

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But but but but, but, we simply must remember that absolutely NOBODY fiddles the system:-




Oh, and the guy who committed suicide off referred to earlier in this thread - nobody noticed then that despite the fact he was apparently so disabled he couldn't possibly travel to get a job that he rode his motorcycle 16 miles to where he jumped? A failure of support from the NHS, yes, but wrong of ATOS to declare him fit for work?


You want us to listen? A very good friend of mine is 23 and dying of cancer. She has her ATOS interview in a couple of weeks, despite telling them that due to morphine, etc., she finds it difficult to stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time. Up until a couple of months ago, she continued to work and her boss let her work from home too. She's going to the ATOS interview. Now cases like that where people are terminally ill I have every sympathy with and I don't care if you post reports of that nature, but to highlight and report every single internet news report is, quite frankly, doing your cause no good whatsoever.


There's too many borderline cases where people could work if they put their minds to it. No jobs going? Find a niche area then and work for yourself. Oh yeah, I forgot - the state just simply must do everything for people. "I get depressed sometimes and therefore I can't work" (But can go out socialising regularly and study), "I have a bad back" (but can manage to run in a charity marathon and then moan when declared fit for work) - SOME, and only SOME, do make it worse for other claimants, which means the system gets totally fecked with. The world has moved on. There are opportunities available now where years ago there weren't. We have technology. Jobs for life? Forget it.


You don't like what I post on "your" thread? Tough.

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FFS it must be the internet day in the nut house as they all seem to be appearing :lol:


When i started this topic i thought to myself, i really do hope that Unlikedstudent does not appear on my thread and ruin it like she has done to so many others, and for a while i thought maybe i was going to be lucky, seems i was wrong :(


It is the workings of an absolute dereeshion.


Unlikestudent only one question for you -


If i am boring you why do you keep coming on to my thread?

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FFS it must be the internet day in the nut house as they all seem to be appearing :lol:


When i started this topic i thought to myself, i really do hope that Unlikedstudent does not appear on my thread and ruin it like she has done to so many others, and for a while i thought maybe i was going to be lucky, seems i was wrong :(


It is the workings of an absolute dereeshion.


Unlikestudent only one question for you -


If i am boring you why do you keep coming on to my thread?


Balance it up a bit. There's some bits of your thread I agree with but not all. Nothing wrong with attempting to find some middle ground, is there? Or do you buy and believe every single likkle bit that Labour throw at you? As for ruining "my thread" - I think you managing that all on your own and don't need any help from others.

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