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Another fine example of how "We are Not all in this together"



234 disabled workers' jobs at risk as more Remploy factories face closure


Around 234 disabled workers are at risk of redundancy as nine further Remploy factories face closure, the Government announced today.




And for the pigs with their snouts in the trough at the other end of the scale -


MPs use children to claim more expenses


Almost 150s MPs have been given permission to claim expenses on behalf of their children, the parliamentary regulator has disclosed as it prepares to offer politicians a £10,000 pay rise.



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"Work and Pensions Committee announces

meeting to question DWP on release of

benefit statistics"



Time/date: Wednesday 10 July at 2.30 pm

Location: Committee Room 5, House of Commons



David Frazer, Head of Information, Governance and Security Directorate

John Shields, Director of Communications


The session is expected to cover the following issues:


The processes DWP has in place for preparing and releasing statistics


DWP’s role in facilitating media interpretation of statistics


Recent UK Statistics Authority investigations into complaints about benefit

and the DWP response


The quality and accessibility of DWP statistics.


Not before time :!:

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Will the DWP do ANYTHING to avoid revealing the true extent of the Atos deaths?


Posted by Mike Sivier


The Department for Work and Pensions has turned down my Freedom of Information request on the number of people who have died while going through the Atos benefit assessment process, or shortly afterwards – claiming that I am harassing officials with a co-ordinated, web-based campaign to disrupt the organisation.


full article here -



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296 MPs use every excuse to say no to assessing impact of their welfare reforms



I'm sure the debate will be dissected by many in the days ahead, but essentially the Government used every excuse under the sun from calling disability groups such as the WOWpetition and Spartacus 'extremists' to accusing the Citizens Advice Bureau of forging some kind of left wing alliance which for some obscure reason had seemingly 'put a smile' on the face of the opposition. The government showed very little sign of listening, defended the atrocious Atos and manipulated the debate into sounding as though the Coalition was doing more for the disabled than previous governments by changing people's perception of disability.


IDS left before the end, Hoban, ran out of puff and Paul Maynard (himself disabled) was obviously used to represent the needs of the disabled using the usual examples of how much Paralympians can achieve as some kind of measuring stick upon which all disabled people should be assessed. There was no sign of a listening government with claims over Atos related deaths being cited as 'alarmist'. McVey finished of with a rude and arrogant dismissal of the shadow minister's case as 'hours of rubbish' before smirking her way through an accusation that the over reliance on evidence from Citizens Advice Bureau during the debate could be attributed to them forging some kind of alliance with the Labour Party merely because they had employed someone with links to the party - it was a ridiculous attempt at smearing the overwhelming evidence being put forward by the organisation by a weak stab at undermining their credibility.


Despite there only being a handful of MPs on the Coalition benches during the debate it came as no surprise to see that no less than 296 had been rounded up to say no for the call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment.


I have a feeling this debate is far from over


The results


The House divided: Ayes 227, Noes 296.


Read the transcript here:



I also note that our MP Mr Carmichael voted against it :x

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All in it together? MPs WILL get a £10,000 pay rise worth up to 12 per cent


MPs will be handed inflation-busting pay rises of £10,000 a year – worth up to 12 per cent on top of their current salaries.


Full article here -



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does that then mean that the wife can expect her nurses wage to go up the same amount. is it not also strange when the condems are trying to stop incremental pay increases to nurses teachers and the police they are going to get them. very odd after all we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

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Disabled Scots face £1bn benefit cut


Disabled and chronically ill Scots could lose more than £1 billion in benefits due to the "quadruple whammy" of Con-Dem cuts, Citizens Advice Scotland has warned.


The advocacy organisation's chief executive Margaret Lynch broke down the numbers for blinkered MPs today following the government's refusal to paint "a real picture of just how bad the crisis is."


More than 170,000 people across Scotland face the notorious work capability assessments under the coalition's new employment support allowance (ESA).


Around 40 per cent of "fit for work" decisions are overturned on appeal while benefit fraud costs just 0.7 per cent of the welfare budget.


But Citizens Advice warned that the narrow criteria of the new assessments will see an estimated 115,000 people lose out.


The new criteria for the personal independence payment, such as being unable to move more than 50m unassisted, will also sting up to 100,000 people, many of whom are also facing "fit for work" rulings.


Meanwhile 83,000 homes with a disabled person living in them will be hit by the bedroom tax, losing an average £11 a week, while the new Universal Credit scheme will cap household payments at £500 a week, leaving many disabled people shuttered indoors.


Ms Lynch said the "quadruple whammy [was] making life a misery for sick and disabled people in our communities.


"The people who have suffered most from the welfare reforms are those who were already the most vulnerable."


Campaigner Sue Marsh added that the sudden loss of multiple benefits represented "the most terrible, frightening scenario possible.


"No carer to help at home, no ESA to replace your lost income, no car to get about and no support to stay in your own home," she said.


"Without these vital elements of your life, you are left with nothing - bedridden, housebound, isolated and living in crushing poverty."


But DWP officials have so far rejected the plea, saying assessments were "very difficult to do accurately."


A DWP spokeswoman added that the government, which also plans to axe the entire Remploy network of sheltered workshops, was "absolutely committed" to supporting people with disabilities.




Yet our MP Mr Carmichael feels there is no need for an assessment to see the impact the Welfare Reform is having on the sick and disabled...........


No doubt he will be quite happy with his 12% £10,000 pay rise though :x


How exactly are "We are all in this together?"

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Stop collecting death stats if you like, DWP – It’s what you’ve got already that we want to see!


Posted by Mike Sivier


“The DWP has quietly decided to ditch statistics it used to collect on the number of deaths of recipients of incapacity benefits (now ESA) and its predecessors Incapacity Benefit (IB) and Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA),†according to Liberal Conspiracy.


The story, by Sunny Hundal, claims: “It is thought the numbers of deaths has sharply increased since the Coalition government’s severe cuts to social security benefits.


“But to ensure that deaths aren’t cited as evidence of failure of the changes, the DWP won’t be collecting and updating its statistics.â€


No supporting information is provided and nobody from the Department for Work and Pensions is quoted. Does this change the chances of success for my Freedom of Information request, in which I asked for statistics in ESA/IB claimants who have died?


No. Not at all.


I requested statistics for 2012, which we all know already that the DWP has collected. They are there; they should be available.


The fact that they aren’t open for inspection is already incriminating, if you ask me!


My FoI request will be granted in the near future – even if the DWP finds another reason for refusal, the Information Commissioner’s office will overrule it. I’ve been through the rules. In this instance, it is Iain Duncan Smith who doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


If the DWP then claims that it has destroyed the figures – as seems to be claimed by the Liberal Conspiracy story – then we’ll be looking at a criminal investigation, I think.


There can only be one reason for hiding the figures – they must have risen and have not dropped. For the DWP to actually delete them, rather than allow them to be released, they must have risen sharply.


This would not only indicate the failure of Iain Duncan Smith’s policy – after everything he and his ministers have said, time and time again, about the fairness of the assessment regime, and how it is carried out in a humane way, this would prove that it is neither fair nor humane – and that, given the opportunity to stop the deaths from accelerating, these Conservative politicians allowed them to continue.


If a person knows that their actions are causing people to die, and does nothing about it, then an observer may rightly conclude that this person wants those deaths to take place. There’s a word for people who cause others to die – with the intention of causing them to die.


That word is “murdererâ€.


Or in this case, “mass murdererâ€.


The net is closing, Iain Duncan Smith.


Nobody will think it is a coincidence, if the DWP really has binned its statistics on claimant deaths at a time when public interest is focused on the issue.


And to any DWP interlopers, reading this site because it is on a ‘watch list’: This is a very dangerous time to be working for that organisation. People who help others to commit murder are accessories to the crime and may also be convicted for the offence.


Tick tock, Tory boys…


From here -



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Not happy with targeting the sick and disabled, the unemployed and the working poor they are now turning their attention to young single mums!


Conservatives prepare to get tough on teenage single mothers in benefits crackdown




Meanwhile -


More than 2,400 UK bankers paid €1m-plus, EU regulator says




But everyone just keep on believing the rhetoric from the ConDems as it is not the "Bankers" to blame for any of this financial crisis, it is the "shirkers, skivers and scroungers" and they would not want us to avert our attentions to the Tax dodgers/evaders or Bankers who actually cost us much more than a few scroungers ever could..........

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GPs struggle to cope with 21% rise in requests to verify work capability since January


Exclusive GPs are having to cope with rising levels of paperwork under the Government’s drive to reduce the benefits bill, with figures obtained by Pulse showing the number of requests to verify claimants’ ability to work have increased by over a fifth since the beginning of this year.


The figures show that the national crackdown on benefits has resulted in practices having to cope with increasing numbers of forms to support Employment Support Allowance (ESA) claims, which GPs say can take up to an hour of their time to fill out.


The figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show 136,000 ESA requests to medical professionals on behalf of the Government in the first three months of the year, the majority of which will be made to the patient’s GP.


This extrapolated across the whole year would total over 544,250 requests for the year - representing a 21% increase in ESA compared with the 448,800 requests made in 2012.


Requests for information from GPs have rocketed since ESA replaced incapacity benefit in 2008, when only 6,640 requests were made.


The GPC said it is meeting with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to ensure that information requested by Atos Healthcare - which runs the DWP scheme - is more relevant.


The GPC also said that the ten calendar days GPs are given to supply further medical evidence for the claims is ‘not realistic’.


The DWP recently said it was planning to pilot a new approach to collecting information from claimants’ GPs, though a spokesperson could not confirm any details about the pilots the options ‘are still being considered’.


The Workplace Capability Assessments, which the Government uses to decides on whether people are eligible for the ESA, have also been criticised by the BMA, MPs and charities, as 38% of decisions are overturned at the appeal stage. Last year a committee of MPs said the assessments have a ‘disproportionate effect’ on the vulnerable.


Full article here -



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Atos Now Attack Disabled Servicemen & Women, †Will The General Public See The Truth Now?…


The Royal British Legion has announced a 72% increase in former soldiers being denied ESA after an Atos Assessment, why the hysteria over this particular story?


The anger is because it’s about men & women who’ve gone to war and been injured in the line of duty, I’m not being harsh but what do these men & women expect from a government such as the one we find ourselves being dictated by?


Whilst I support our men & women who put themselves on the frontline to defend our country, maybe they and the other organisations that represent them should take a look at the wider picture and see what’s happening to the very citizens they are fighting to defend?


In Great Britain all the political parties are doing all they can to deny people their rightful entitlement to welfare benefits, the government will say that they need to direct welfare payments to the right people and stop benefit fraud, whilst I’m sure the vast majority of the public and sick and disabled communities would agree with that sentiment, it’s the way the political elite have decided to go about doing this that is the major problem?


Giving a contract worth billions of pounds to an IT company like Atos to assess a person’s ability to work is a ludicrous one or maybe it’s not if the results you want are to see people denied benefits, how can someone who has only had a couple of weeks in-house training be expected to understand or have a wealth of knowledge about hundreds of different complex medical conditions both mental and physical, they can’t but according to our government they are the right people for the job?


If the DWP/Government were truly intent on finding out if someone is truly capable of work then they would listen to the experts who know and understand their patients the best, the hospital consultants, the GPs, the community nurses, the CPNs, all these people know the abilities of their patients the best but in the vast majority of cases that are assessed by Atos the information that could be garnered from them is TOTALLY IGNORED.


Why has the Audio Recording of ALL assessments been ignored by the DWP? The reason is clear and simple even though it would actually provide safety for the DWP and those Atos HCPs, the truth is that the government/DWP are afraid, they don’t want the truth to be known by the wider public, the government wish to continue peddling the propaganda that benefit recipients are ALL lying cheating malingerer’s who are all extra’s from the cast of “Shameless“.


As more and more disabled servicemen and women are denied benefits by Atos/DWP because of their incompetence and fraudulent practices maybe then the rest of the public will see the real truth of what’s going on in their country in their name.?


To treat these brave men & women like this is a disgrace, a national disgrace to which this government should be ashamed of to which the nation should be ashamed of, the nation should also be just as ashamed about how this government of spivs and freeloaders treats its general populace, we must not let the government divide the country between the deserving and the none deserving for there is NO such thing, that my friends is just a political spin doctors wet dream?


We need to keep campaigning on this issue, we must NEVER give up the fight, too many people’s lives are at stake, too many people have been sacrificed at the altar of right-wing Bullingdon stoness for this to continue?


From here -



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