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Car Park Ding


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I would just like to thank the P**** that gave my Grey Audi S3 a massive dent in my passenger door in the Tesco's car park, especially since you drove off without a care in the world. I would also like to point out this will cost me a couple of hundred quid to fix up here.


There are some right inconsiderate f****** in this world. If anyone heard it happening (due to the size it would have made a fair bang) you could let me know.



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I feel your pain.


I was just loading up my shopping a few weeks back in Tesco's carpark, when a lovely lady grabbed me to say she had seen someone smash their trolley into my Yaris.


Luckily little or no damage (ancient Yaris) but it was the fact she bothered to notice, come and tell me and tried to do something, that I appreciated.


I hope your damage is less than you think. Always horrid.

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It is horrible, but unless your disabled then try parking further away (you do not have to be next to the shop) and try a bit of walking, thats what I do and never have had any problems with shopping carts or cars.


I try and take up two spaces most days that we are there but might end up on THAT Facebook page....

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