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If folk start dumping indiscriminately again, you have three choices, let the SIC etc ignore it and put up with what it looks like (it wouldn't bother me, but I appreciate it does bother some others), cover the additional costs of Enviornmental Health/Police or whoever to pursue the dumpers, or cover the cost of the SIC clearing it all away periodically. The latter two options will make the currently punted "savings" quite a bit less "attractive" looking to say the least.


A fourth option might be to employ/redeploy a couple of dozen bodies to monitor known dumping sites... :D

Meanwhile, bulky waste will sit outside your house waiting until you have enough to justify a pick-up...

If the skips are withdrawn, what about a nice, sensible, scheduled monthly collection of bulk waste. :?:

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As a cost cutting measure, I intend to leave my old sofa outside the SIC wigwam for them to re-use instead of them having to buy new furniture in the future.



No need the thank me ma'm, just doing my job as a responsible citizen.......


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My Aunty in Glasgow says that they get certain things picked up free but some things like stuff left over from building works are charged for.. That seems a fair way to do things. I think we have to accept that the days of things for free are over. As she said, not every one on the mainland has a car either but they still have to rid of stuff too.

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