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SNP - Proposed airgun legislation


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Let’s create a scenario.


Willie Someone lives on Fetlar.


Willie is unemployed, has a small croft & a family to support.


This croft helps to support the family, as he is able to have a few sheep, a cow & grows some vegetables .This helps as the unemployment benefits are not enough to provide a decent living.


Alas! One day Willie runs over the pet cat while reversing the tractor.


The poor animal is in a bad way & in terrible pain.


Now Willie has a problem. It will take hours to get the vet & will cost a lot of money that he really does not have.


The RSPCA will also take a long time to get to Fetlar & this poor animal is suffering.


Willie goes into the house gets his rifle, bang problem solved.


In my mind this is the correct thing to do, but would the law see it that way!


Now surely no one would want an animal to suffer for hours ,this demonstrates the need for firearms on crofts & farms


We all go through driving lessons & tests to get our driving licences, & probably the same should apply to guns.


Even with driving tuition there are still some idiots on the roads. The same would be some holding firearm licences.

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The thing is offences involving airguns in scotland are at a all time low down 71% in the last 5 years alone from 334 to 195 last year where is the evidence that airguns are a major problem and need licencing .I would have thought the the SNP would have bigger problems with the economy in freefall,housing crisis,drugs,knife crime,etec,etc but no this seems to be their top issue at the moment.


It's "Something must be done" mentality to control a problem that's not a problem.


A soft target (pun intended) for legislation that allows politicians to appear 'tough on crime' without actually addressing a problem area.


Example: Handguns. IIRC there's never been any many handgun related crimes. Yet Joe Public hasn't been allowed to buy them for quite some time....

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Without meaning to join the "ban em all" camp (which would be hypocritical) I wonder:


... The poor animal is in a bad way & in terrible pain.


Now Willie has a problem. ...

Surely wringing its neck is the quickest, surest, and thereby most humane option in such a scenario. Cheapest too.

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According to the SNP their are 500,000 airguns in Scotland,now if they all require a licence this is going to create a tidal wave of paperwork and cost millions to implement.


However if they price the licence "fee" at an appropriate level, it could turn in to a nicer little earner. Luvvly Jubbly. The "esteemed" First Minister wouldn't look out of place in a fake sheepskin jacket and flat cap either, come to think....

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