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SNP - Proposed airgun legislation


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im not after a ban. just better control. not like what the snp want. a step down from firearms licencing. just a record a secure store and a health screen. 

Well, you just aren't going to get that.....


Politicians will walk all over personal freedoms(?) and rights(?) to impose their flawed views on the majority and, past experiences suggest that they will attempt to impose the most extreme measures that they think they can get away with..


Couple of bleeding obvious questions for you;


Who decides what is a 'secure store'?


Who will monitor such a store?


How will they monitor it?


Just how many freedoms(?) will you have to give up and, to who before you can 'safely store' an airgun?


Who decides that you are, presumably, mentally 'fit' enough to own an airgun?


What recourse will you have if that person is fundamentally opposed to anyone owning airguns?


Politicians have been doing a very good job of ramping up public paranoia against any kind of 'weapon' whilst, at the same time, quietly arming the police.


What sort of world do you want to live in?

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be nice you two. there has to be a balance. since our sons incident. my brother in law remembered that a nephew left one in his shed he surrendered it. please if you have one hanging about hand it in. same with any old shotgun or other firearm. just in case is better than o dear i never thought.   

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I'm not unsympathetic towards the recent incident involving your son and, I happen to think that the reactions of the police  towards it were a little OTT but, I really need to know just why you think that the freedoms(?) of the whole population should be restricted because of the actions of a very small minority?


I also need to know why you want to make it easy(?) for the authorities by encouraging people to hand in 'old' or 'unwanted' airguns?


McKaskill clearly DOES NOT have a democratic mandate to impose this legislation.  By trying to force it through at all costs he is simply just attacking the limited freedoms we have left to us.  Don't make it easy for him.

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i accept the snp idea is ott. my only concern is to insure nothing like it can take place again. i dont want a ban. just a few extra safe guards. its a sad fact that people are being killed by air weapons.  more concerning as you would expect is the number of injuries. both accidentally ie friend shoots a friend and less accidental events. i agree not massively high.  however 1 death/blinding or permanent wounding needs action. 

​just to be clear im not trying to bring my son into this however it does show it can happen to anyone. the 2 firearms officer that dealt with sam were the local officers trained in firearms. they showed restraint. they could have shot samuel a number of times and would have been justified. they placed themselves at higher risk by not killing  him. a helpful step would be if air weapons were made so it was clear that they were just that ie colour shape. why for example are http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/#

these allowed. 

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OK, realistically, you concern is misplaced..   Extra 'safeguards' would make absolutely no difference and, dare I say it, "incidents like this" will happen again (many times).


It is a sad fact that people are being killed by any kind of guns and, legislation has been shown to be a 'loser' when someone is deliberately intent on causing harm.  That is why I think that any legislation at all is to the detriment of the majority.  If you are not able to defend yourself then, you become a 'victim'.


I'm not saying that we should turn the place into 'dodge city' but, there has to be a balance in favour of the needs and wishes of the majority and not in the favour of an emotive minority (and I'm not accusing you of this) driven by shady politicians.


As for the police showing restraint..  Did they?  Seems to me that the locals guys realised that no one was being shot at and that your son was in possession of a relatively low powered air gun.  It was the arrival of what amounts to a 'swat team' from the mainland that raised my eyebrows. 

I happen to believe that the local police could have sorted everything out themselves without any of the 'fuss and bother' that was caused by the arrival of a well armed posse


I used to read various airgun type magazines and soon came to realise that most of them were aimed at (no pun intended) 'cabbage patch commandos'.  Although they all advocated 'sensible use' etc. there was always an underlying theme of 'bragging rights' for the type of airgun you owned.  Personally, I believe that the sale of 'military style' airguns should be restricted because they can cause confusion with the 'real thing' but, other than that, I do not think that there should be any restrictions at all.

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