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SNP - Proposed airgun legislation


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if an air rifle is going to fall with the terms of the firearms licencing laws then the same checks will be required.


An application for an FAC can be obtained from any police station. For an application to be successful applicants must demonstrate to the police that they have satisfactory security in place. They must also demonstrate that they have "good reason to possess" firearms and must produce such "good reason" for each individual firearm applied for. Unlike the SGC an FAC only gives authority for specific individual rifles or pistols, and the applicant must justify possession of each one separately. Applicants must nominate two referees to support their application and must declare all criminal convictions, no matter how old or trivial. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply in respect of firearms legislation. Once granted an FAC is valid for five years. A person over the age of 18 may be granted an FAC and may then buy firearms and ammunition as authorised by the certificate. An FAC may also be granted to a person between 14 and 18, but this will only authorise the possession of the firearms specified thereon - it will not authorise the purchase of firearms or ammunition. FACs are not granted to anyone under the age of 14.


now if i opted for a shot gun this applies

A shotgun is, broadly speaking for certification purposes, a smooth-barrelled gun which discharges a number of pellets, rather than a single projectile, when it is fired. Shotguns held on a SGC must not be capable of holding more than three cartridges in total. They may be single barrel, double barrel, pump action or semi-automatic, but the three cartridge limit still applies and the barrel(s) must be longer than 24 inches. Pumps and semi-autos must be longer than 40 inches overall.


An application for an SGC can be obtained from any police station. For an application to be successful applicants must demonstrate to the police that they have satisfactory security in place and that the possession of a shotgun would not constitute a danger to public safety or to the peace. Applicants must nominate a counter-signatory to approve their application and must declare all criminal convictions, no matter how old or trivial. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply in respect of firearms legislation. Once granted, an SGC is valid for five years and authorises the possession of any number of shotguns and most types of shotgun ammunition. There is no minimum age for the grant of an SGC.


Shotguns which have barrels shorter than 24 inches, or which are capable of firing more than three shots without reloading, may NOT be held on an SGC. They are dealt with under the FAC provisions. Similarly some types of shotgun ammunition, such as solid slug cartridges, may only be held on an FAC.


so my air rifle is going to be harder to get a licence for than a shot gun.


simply ott

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There is no fall in the use of air weapons, licensed hand guns are still available, we established that ages ago, your thinking is floored. The increase is 2%, I am quite correct. Which is what I stated. Also Paul, as some one who is involved in public health, your attitude seems to be a wee bit odd. I fail to see the relationship with the folk listed in the PDF file I have linked to and politics, just a pathetic throw in to divert from the facts. That air weapons cause harm because folks regard them as toys.


I find it quite mad that to justify the non-registration of air weapons you think by comparing them with other crimes makes it OK that folk, well children seem to get hold of these easily because of this attitude you are displaying.


I certainly hope you family do not have to witness what an air weapon can do to some one.



Some of your numbers are here in this quick look at the problem nationally, as we know, not all get reported. I doubt very much that the numbers are minuscule.





I fail to see how this really can be a problem, any sale or new purchase should have some sort of registration, this is not really a SNP thing but a problem all over the country. The comparison with cars is retarded, you need to be registered to drive one blah blah.


Also, because hand guns are available to "criminals" does not lessen the problem. Many air weapons resemble live round firing guns, as I have mentioned before, there is no telling that many more of the alleged crimes did not involve air weapons.










All the above air weapons sold in the UK designed to look like their live round counter parts.


Now, could you distinguish the difference if one was waved at your head, and if you could, would you think, ah, tis only an air gun, no real threat.

My understanding is that there is a ban on hand guns http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/10114848.UK_gun_ban_is_working__says_Blackburn_MP_Jack_Straw/
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The death of the toddler which I mentioned, brought increased pressure on the government to act, Westminster did nothing but passed the buck. Licensing is coming, long overdue some will say, and the parents of this kid have campaigned endlessly for licensing since the death of their son who was taken to an ice cream van by his brother and shot by an air-rifle from the cover of a house. According to the clown who fired the shot, he was aiming at the van for a laugh, some laugh, perhaps some of the posters on here would like to reflect on what their views might be if it was their own son.

Licensing is coming, no matter what, get used to the idea. No doubt the details of who is a fit and proper person to own an airgun will be decided in the bill.


Regarding Red Robbie who quotes the Daily Mail, this was a Fascist paper before the war, it campaigned on behalf of Mosley and the Fuhrer, it should have been shut down after VE night. My grannie wouldn't even have used squares of this tripe in the lavvy.




the laws are there the pillock that killed the child should have been charged with murder.


look at the requirements at firearm licencing. if you have to go through the same process as that for a rifle or shotgun. put it this way if i had to get a licence i would be switching to a .22 rifle/ and possibly a shotgun. all you would be doing is increasing the cost of ownership. when are they going to licence kitchen knives.

The man got life http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2005/aug/31/ukguns.gerardseenan
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There is no ban on air weapons that resemble hand guns. The images I posted are Roman current on line supplier. You can also get hand guns that use compressed air that need a firearms license. Get reading.
Link please .


You cannot be that inept you cannot find these.


I have no problem with sports using guns, I do not see a reason why they need to look like something far more dangerous.


As for banning toys, if that is the best argument you have against the proposed registration of air weapons, you may need to get reading and find out a little more.


I agree I was mistaken about air hand guns over 6lbs, alas, still does not justify the hand guns on offer looking like live round counterparts, absolutely no requirement. The do not enhance the performance of the weapon.

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