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SNP - Proposed airgun legislation


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"A waist of money?" Para.


Another incident at the weekend, some chaps playing hockey were shot at by some scruff with an air-rifle in Aberdeen. Much as one might think that chaps playing hockey deserve all they get, it will not do at all.

Yes they could of course have been assaulted with tattie peelers or heated rollers, both of which are readily available in many homes, which mitigates the circumstances somewhat, but an air-rifle it was.




Your point is?


I did not say anything about air-rifles whats that got to do with this bunch of prats coming to Shetland.

The whole Scottish Parliament is a wast of money. It was bad enough when there was only one bunch of Mps making so call claims on there benefit system (Oops They know it as Expenses) But now there is 4 with high salaries and Expenses.

And now yet another layer of civil servants doing the same thing too.

They all have there heads stuck up the backside of Europe

Who tell (M.Salmond etc) how high to jump what to do on every subject

If you thought our council could wast millions of pounds they don't come even close to what the Scottish and European parliaments can do.

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This debate just goes to show what a piece of nonsense the Scottish parliament is.

No real power to make changes so jump on rubbish like this ,no point debating welfare, NHS, Tax system or armed forces because they have no power for change.

Think it is time for change so either vote for independence,

or if no vote abolish Scottish parliament and go back to one Government and save the millions we spend on the nonentities.

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Now that it seems very likely that the British government will arm the rebels in Syria.I do hope that they will be making vigorous background checks on each and every one of them to make sure they are responsible people and make sure they hold firearms certificates before they start dishing out the hardware.I wont be holding my breath though.Talk about double standards.

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