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What did Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland), Vote?


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Good thing about being in Papa Stour is you have time and space to be FREE THINKING!! :D


It's taken me a long time to pick myself up off the floor helpless with laughter at this one! Free Thinking! You are expecting everyone to take the word of a book of folklore and myth, written 2 millenia ago, hopelessly outdated and hopelessly mistranslated over that time, seriously? You cut and paste text off the internet from religious fanatics and you reckon you are free thinking?


And what's an even bigger laugh is that you seem to think we should take you seriously!


Quick word of advice. Now may not be the best time to promote the churches thoughts on this. Let's hope the conclave in the vatican this week does not start with the words, "let he who is without sin"! The doors won't be wide enough for the mass exodus!


Amen, brother! :P

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why not. if there is no force or dodgy age issues its as legit as a single couple or gay couple. using the bible as a reference lots of examples in there. being a mormon i should be in favour but one wife is enough for me. the pain is enough. could not cope with the multiple nagging.

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you raise a valid point. the gay community must then campaign to have multiple partners.


oh Dear lord the 'god squad' would have a hairy fit!


I wonder if there is anything in the bible saying anything about mulitiple partners?


They must be a line in there we could take out of context for that very need.

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