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What did Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland), Vote?


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My gay male partner and I are currently searching for real estate on Papa Stour. If we don't buy there, we'll certainly visit frequently from another nearby isle. We're sure our message of Christian love and brotherhood will be received there with open arms.


Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that animals are not homosexual. I've heard that argument over and over again. Truth is, the reason we've never heard of homosexual animals is that researchers suppressed the information of the widespread homosexuality among the animal kingdom for years and years as a form of censorship. It is well known in the cattle business that many bulls (about 10%) will not comply with efforts to harvest semen from them unless another bull is near. A good analysis of true animal sexual preference might start at wikipedia with its accompanying links to authorities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animals_displaying_homosexual_behavior Interestingly, the article there discusses how this information was suppressed due to researchers' prejudices against homosexuality.


I accept myself now, but fought against being gay for many years. I would never choose something that has caused me so much pain at the hands of society. Finally I had to accept that GOD made me gay, and I had to get on with living the life He gave me with integrity. I love God beyond all else. I cannot hate that which He created, including myself. All the rest of the "Christian" message, as espoused by the Church, is folderol, exactly as Jesus said when asked which of the commandments was most important. Love God beyond all else, and love your neighbor as yourself - do that, and everything else follows.


I'm looking forward to meeting you, Papastour.

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I wish you luck, i myself will never go there or advise anyone else if the repersentitive on here is an example of the kind of vile 'people' that unfortuantly repersent cristians views there.


they are lots of things in the bible that can be picked out of it out of context and used to justify some horible actions.

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