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I ordered a piece of kitchen worktop from Rearo and paid on collection. Person at desk took payment from card there and then. No bill had been sent out prior to collection. A month or so later, I received a bill from Rearo with the message, "When you were in paying for your goods YOU didn't pay for VAT so you need to pay the balance"


I ignored the letter because as far as I was concerned I'd paid all that was due - their mistake if they'd undercharged me. I'd paid what was asked.


A further letter came and I ended up contacting the manager who agreed it was their fault and waived the "debt". I did also question how they had got my address because nothing had been provided to them. Must have looked me up in the phonebook...


It didn't end there though - I got further letters asking for the money even though the Manager had said I didn't need to pay...including threatening to forward it onto debt collection.


I won't be going back - far too disorganised. If they can undercharge, they can also overcharge and the hassle they gave me wasn't worth it.

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Hi there

We are considering having a gas fire fitted in a new extension to our house. We are wondering if there are any alternatives to rearo for fitting the appliance if we were to buy it South.  We have nothing against rearo but would like to get some kind of price comparison. Would greatly appreciate any ideas.


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