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lochside motor mile ban

should council remove lochside motor-mile ban  

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  1. 1. should council remove lochside motor-mile ban

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It may come under trading standards. To sell something on the highway or on council owned land may need a license. Many boroughs here have such laws.


You could well be right Pete. But can you imagine that the council would go and slap a ticket on all cars on public roads with for sale signs on them. Hopefully they have more important priorities.


If I put a for sale sign on my car on my property then go to the toon fir some shoppin and park under da fort and some council worker tried to tell me I wisna allowed tae dae dat. He wid get the sign planted where da sun dissna shine without a doot.


I think they should get all the caravans, trailers and boats (who don't pay road tax) out of public parking spaces, wash bays and turning points prior to picking on the motorist who pays highly for the privilege of being able to use the public highway. :shock:


As usual our councils priorities are ar*e first :evil:

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The item for sale has to be on a public highway or as described in the link. On your drive is fine, as long as it did not distract drivers enough to cause a hazard. If the letter of the law was to be followed, you could be warned about advertising goods on the streets, it would also be a council officer, not a worker as you so put it. They would have the authority to do so. Generally, the seller who has not got a license gets a notification on the vehicle, then a telephone warning, then the vehicle can be seized. When I last looked at the cars for sale, many were from the same number(s). You may then wonder how many of those vehicles are insured. How bad would it be if you were to park next to one, it caught on fire and damaged yours, only to find that the owner on the plate had sold it but not transferred or notified the ownership via DVLA.

As for other parking, I agree that folk, obviously with cars can be single minded and have little care for others at times. Though, I think there has to be certain things in place to leave trailers and caravans on the highway, after all, you can leave a skip on the highway if it is properly signed and guarded (that includes lighting). The police can advise, or even the redundant banker.

The Council still has statuary duties. Licensing and Trading Standards/Environment is part of that.


James, S.I.C. has its own licensing. They have agreed and published this.[/url]

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it would also be a council officer, not a worker as you so put it.


Oh the irony! :D


You got one right Pete, a lot of over paid "officers" cannot be classed as "workers" :roll:


The point I was trying to make is the council, should be focusing their time on more important issues, rather than someone with a for sale notice on their car. It's nonsense like this that has created so many additional posts in the SIC.

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I think the reasons for the parking on that side of the road are for guests visiting people who live on lochside, overspill for events at Clickimin and for folk watching sports , it was never meant as a used car area , and it had clearly got out of hand with boats, jet skis , caravans , scramblers on trailers , so i think they had to do something about , there must be an area somewhere to have something like this ?

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I can't say that I've ever seen more than about a dozen cars parked up for sale at one time. Not a massive chunk out of the parking area, really.


I always have a gander on the way past to Satans Shopping Outlet :)


Way down in Thurso there's an area of about the same dimensions on the side of the main road going into town before the train station, it's usually got a fair few private cars for sale at any one time on it - everyone there views it as a good thing.

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Copied this from the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005


3 Exposing vehicles for sale on a road.


(1)A person is guilty of an offence if at any time— .


(a)he leaves two or more motor vehicles parked within 500 metres of each other on a road or roads where they are exposed or advertised for sale, or .


(b)he causes two or more motor vehicles to be so left. .



You can view it all here:




So I understand from 1 (B) that if you are the second person to park you are committing an offence even if the other car is not yours.


I wouldn't interpret it that way James. I would think by 'cause' vehicles to be left it still means both have to have something to do with you. Is it not just a clause to get round folk claiming they didn't physically leave the 2nd car there themselves, so it doesn't count?

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Surely the obvious solution is to move to Mareel car park and have them charge £1 a day to all those wanting to flog their motors. I mean, they could even do a roaring trade on teas and coffees. You'd even have those funky lights providing an adequate rust viewing facility. After all, Mareel has got all those other 'over spill' car parks at their disposal so what's the problem? :wink:

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I've heard there are notices been put up on lochside about not parking cars there that are for sale. Does anyone know for fact if this is true or rumors?

My husband had planned to try and sell ours there tomorrow but not if we're going to get ticketed.

If anybody has any solid information tonight, It would be appreciated.

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