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Who Empties septic tanks in shetland?

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Scottish Water or Ness Engineering will do it. In my experience septic tanks do best when left well alone as long as they're working well, its only when one starts giving bother there's anything to be gained by having it emptied. That said, different designs of tank may well respond best to different maintenance, I've only had the older concete block built oblong ones to deal with, not the newer fibreglass spherical ones. As an '06 build, I'd guess your tank is probably one of the latter type.

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Great Grandfather always used to say to stay clear of it unless it's backflowing. Then he would tell mother off for using too much bleach in the sink and toilet then he'd go and chuck a dead rabbit into the tank to get it churning again.


In all the time I lived in houses with septic tanks which was the better part of 15 year we only had the tank emptied once and that was because of toilet paper that was too thick (charmin) and too much bleach. According to the expert from the council :lol:

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As above, our experience is they either work or they don't. If they work, leave well alone.

Ours is a fibreglass bulb type tank, we had terrible problems with the drains backing up when we first bought the house, but this was down to the pipe from the soakaway (yes I know.... but it's an accepted Aberdeenshire practice due to clay soil) being blocked. Once we'd sorted that we've had no problems. The chap who sorted our pipe is a neighbour who has a plant hire business, he fitted the same style of tank (bulb type) to his house built in 1964 and it's never ever been emptied.

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