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broadband choices

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Unless you're going to dump a phoneline-based service & go with satellite, it's all much of a muchness really, the main difference being with the quality of the "help" lines.

I've been with Force9 (now Plusnet) since dialup days, and generally happy with what leverage they have with BT to get problems sorted. Oh, and they all speak decent English :wink:

Don't forget that most issues are outside the individual ISP's remit, and are only able to access whatever (mis)information BT supply them with - or just make up their own excuse.

Plusnet's help lines are on a freefone number (maybe some others do too?), so considering the frequency of issues up here, you may want to factor that into any costings.

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BT are ridiculously expensive. I've just switched away from them this very evening. They want £79 a month for my current usage. I think not. Especially where their hardware is dodgy, has been reported as such and they've never replaced it. I've requested - and received - compensation for service outages from them twice in the last couple of years.


Plusnet do a much better value package at around £30 a month, including all the same features (unlimited broadband, caller id, etc) but also including all calls, any time. Time will tell whether the service is any better, but it can't be much worse and at least it's cheaper.

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