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Lerwick Legion - What does it need?


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as an ex member of the ROC, and an ex lighthousekeeper, I find the legion to be to cliquish, i used to be a full member, but went there for a drink one christmas eve a few years ago i went in with my son and step son, as we sat down, some regulars announced very loudly that they did not like the company and promptly left. this was the first time i had been in the legion for some time, and the first time my son and step son had been in the legion. following this i let my membership lapse . and i have never been back since.

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The basics of it is simply the numbers of people regularly going out and the quantity of alcohol they are consuming.

In other words for the legion to live, perhaps the wheel bar, flints, noost, mareel or lounge must die?


They need to take advantage if the next influx of workers and accommodation barges etc. offer them all membership and get the place rocking :lol:

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The thing is, folk rarely think of going to the Legion unless they are a member. The committee needs to advertise its opening hours and admissions policy much better. I don't know what it is.


A few pieces in the Shetland times over a 5 or 6 weeks, put out some flyers.


What is the policy for non-members anyway? Can anyone walk in on a Thursday/Friday night for a pint?


Whats that saying? Adapt or Perish? Look at other Shetland institutions that died off due to clinging to the past - Clives for one.

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