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loss of RURAL doctors.


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This is really a very bad idea. cutting GP'S at the same time as the health board whats more care to be given at home makes no sense. really this is becoming dangerous what the board is doing. if this happens don't expect house calls to remain the same.


yet again lerwicks health needs seem to be higher that us country folks. a board that was made up of medical related professionals would be better than how it is at the moment.

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It will just bring the waiting times in the country more in line with the Lerwick health centre.


And that's progress?


Perhaps they should be looking at improving the abysmal service in Lerwick, rather then bring the rural service down to that standards.


The money saved with a reduction in doctors could have easily been saved by getting rid of the overpaid administrators comming up with this sort if crap! :evil:

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They could save a fortune if they actually sorted out repeat prescriptions.


You want more than one month's supply? You can't have one. They'll tell you it is because they can't store that amount of drugs. So this means each month, you have to telephone the surgery prescription number where a member of staff picks up the message and then the surgery pharmacist processes it.


So either you collect it or you get your local cab firm to collect it at a fare subsided by the NHS. Don't get me wrong, this service helps many of us but the cost?


Why on earth can't they prescribe 3 months supply at a time for certain drugs? If they gradually moved people over then they would have space to store the drugs. This would reduce admin time and the cost of collections by cab firms.


You know why GPs don't like this idea - because they get paid per prescription they write, that's why. I've never met a skint GP incidentally.


Perhaps the reduction in GPs may actually force them to look at how busier practices up and down the UK operate.

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We need our doctors we don't need so many managers running the show .

So axe a few of them and rest combine remaining roles. It would mean they would have to work for their money bit harder instead of seeing it as a cushy easy life up here as a manager working for the board, like most other people and nurses they are expected to make do with less.

Said it before we have too many managers for such a small health board, its absolute madness that the NHS Shetland need so many managers .Other healthboards similar number managers BUT have much more to cope with.

Too many managerial jobs have been created here for NHS Shetland for the sake of it and its very obvious , which why I've always wondered how they have got away with it for so long.


Few managers going would go along way in helping keep some of our other sevices.

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its mainly the rural doctors that do the out of hours service. unlink our doctors are quite happy to give 3 months worth of drugs. it can be wasteful to give out to much in case it gets changed or we stop taking it.


Valid points but there must be loads of people who are on medication for life where there are no alternatives and only the dosage might change. Whilst your GP might be happy to give out 3 months supply, at least one surgery I know of here isn't.

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Paulb can the health board do anything that meets your approval? This appears to be a case of removing a "gold plated" service that is no longer affordable under the current financial climate - just the sort of thing people are crying out for the SIC to do so why is it wrong when the health board does it? Reading the report it has been additional funding over and above the national contract that the GP practices in Shetland have been receiving.


The constant cry is get rid of the administrators and managers and we can afford more nurses but if you get rid of all the admin staff who will make sure there are enough supplies to equip the wards, who will make sure the invoices are paid to ensure a steady supply of goods or who will make sure the staff are paid? Do you want a nurse to spend time dealing with patients or checking there is enough dressings and that all the bills have been paid? Would you like to see doctors taking time out for dealing with patients to make sure all time sheets have been submitted and the staff will be paid?


Non medical staff is the easy option to target but the work they do does not go away so someone has to do it. There is a need for streamlining in all areas and the health board have made a start here.


Perhaps people need to think more carefully before they go to see the doctor - do they really need an appointment for a sore throat or a cold? Too many people go to the doctor for minor ailments they could easily treat themselves which in turn makes it difficult for people who genuinely need to see a doctor to get an appointment - but of course that is the health boards fault too and nothing to do with people not taking a bit of responsibility for their own health!





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Why on earth can't they prescribe 3 months supply at a time for certain drugs?

The frequency somewhat regulates misuse.


Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe if an individual on medication comes to the point where they no longer require it (including deceased), the medicine whether sealed or not cannot be re-used or put back into circulation and must be destroyed. Bulk batches would obviously add to this wastage.

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The constant cry to get rid of some managers and admin is because it is so desperately needed .Start to look at other areas/hospital ,jobs have been created here where those jobs could have easily been combined in some cases. Its a very small health board.

Most hopsitals do not have deputies under some of the directors and if they do its because they are dealing far far greater numbers alot more wards/depts than here on Shetland and still managed to keep wards running and stocked up.

So yes we do need to get rid of some admin /managers and very quickly cuts need to made at the top as well. We need our doctors we don't need so many managers and admin to get the work done.You should have fewer at the top and more at the bottom .Not creating jobs ,finding jobs for so and so.

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