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LOCH SIDE MOTORS (Community) un-Limited


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H&S is just a convenient excuse for them to hide behind so they can steam-roll their own petty decisions over the public.


Absolutely it is. Remember when they used the told us that Shetland couldn't have a cinema because Health and safety had deemed the location to the fuel depot too dangerous? That was an excuse to put pressure on the depot to move.

When it didn't work, they went ahead and built their own glass palace between the two!


Just using that as an example. Not trying to get off topic.

Not stricktly true. Scottish Oils made alterations to the storage tanks at the depot to comply with H&S recommendations, principally for the construction of Mareel, which allowed further developments at North Ness (and a wider radius in LK) within H&S recommendations.
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Has anyone who is complaining about this actually written to the councillor that instructed it to be done?


What a ridiculous idea, it's a much better idea to debate it with an anonymous bunch of folk who it doesn't affect or who couldn't care less.




As far as i can make out there is nothing to stop you advertising your car on here and stating the car is available for viewing at lochside as long as the car is taxed. All that has changed is the car cant have anything displayed on it saying it is for sale. But don't quote me on that :P

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Well if they want to follow the letter of the law then any garage that openly displays cars for sale within 15M of a main road sould also be forced to rethink their layout .


Perhaps you should read more of the act, it is not how you have written it.



You may want to have a look at Section 97 of The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984,


“97 Trading

(1) Without prejudice to section 129(9) of this Act and subject to subsections (2) and (4) below, no person shall, for the purpose of selling anything, or offering or exposing anything for sale, use any stall or similar structure or any container or vehicle, kept or placed on -

(a) any part of a trunk or principal road ; or

(B) unenclosed land within 15 metres of any part of any such road,

except with the consent in writing of the roads authority and in accordance with such reasonable conditions as the authority think fit.â€

Subsections (2) to (6) go on to give further conditions and exceptions.



Clear enough for ya peat...........

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(a) any part of a trunk or principal road ; or

(B) unenclosed land within 15 metres of any part of any such road




Outside the town hall is neither a trunk or principal road.


Let's all park our cars there for a while, especially at the next Council meeting. Just put "FOR SALE" on the windscreen as a protest. If you really are selling your car, even better!

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Now then, look at the trading laws that the SIC have that are above and beyond that. These are two different things. You will find, if you do your research that S.I.C. have laws against what is being suggested on this thread. Also, my comment was with regard with your comment of car dealers forecourts, which, as you know was totally wrong.

If you care to go down to the location these signs are posted, all the details are on them that you need to know.

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maybe there is a bit of a conspiracy going on...


SIC logic (problem):

Desperate to build a new high school on some of the land behind the Clickimin

Coaches going in & out, and needing turning space and parents doing the "school run".

All those pesky cars using the leisure centre are going to be a bit of a problem.

If only some of the cars can be relocated


SIC answer:

Close Lochside Motors, use H&S as the excuse

Encourge leisure centre/football users to use alongside road parking, (those reluctant to will soon get fed up battling coaches in/out of the narrow access road and move too)

Hey presto, Clickimin car park not nearly so busy

Build nice shiney school with plenty of space for coaches


:D :D :D

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Spotted a red lorry earlier today with a load of cars It had collected from the Toll clock car park. Some of them looked to have for sale labels on the windows. Is this a zero tolerance approach by Toll clock?

Seems a little rough to have your car impounded for trying to sell it in a car park.


Where are they taken to?.... Maybe it would be a fine place to buy a used car. :lol:

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