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Town Violence / CCTV ?

1979 Sheltie

Was town CCTV worth it ?  

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  1. 1. Was town CCTV worth it ?

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Found this , ive highlighted some bits




Town centre CCTV system is finally launched



November 10th, 2010 by Ryan Taylor.


The wraps have officially been pulled off Lerwick’s long-awaited CCTV system. The network of 14 cameras in the town has been operating since February. However teething troubles had prevented an official launch event from taking place until now.


The cameras, which run from the foot of Harbour Street to Faerdie-Maet, are controversial. Their introduction makes Lerwick one of the most heavily watched towns in the country, with one camera operating for every 500 people.




They feed images back to the police station via a radio signal where they are digitally recorded. The system records 24/7 and police staff monitor the images. All images recorded will be able to be used as evidence and shown in court as required.


At a special ceremony at the Lerwick police station, Shetland’s area commander David Bushell said the £240,000 system had already proven its worth.


He said the cameras would boost safety in the town and offer re-assurance to the community.


He added they also helped officers intervene on developing incidents, such as street brawls at weekends, before they had got out of hand.


“The installation of a CCTV system will be a huge benefit to the safety of people in Lerwick,†he said. “Many town centres throughout the country have similar systems which are seen as a community safety tool

“The police can use the system to keep the public safe, prevent crime and help to detect crime.â€


Community safety officer Sergeant Jason Beeston added the system had provided “invaluable†evidence which had helped police deal with various offences and incidents.


As well as being a visible deterrent, he said, the cameras had offered evidence in relation to crimes of dishonesty, child protection issues and tracing missing persons.


Also attending the event was SIC councillor and joint police board member, Alastair Cooper. He welcomed the introduction of the cameras as a “deterrent to crimeâ€.


He was concerned crime may be “driven into the back of the town†following their introduction, although Mr Bushell said there had been no evidence of that so far.


Getting the cameras running has been a long and sometimes fraught process.


However Mr Bushell was keen to stress that all images fully complied with the Data Protection Act. Private dwelling areas are pixilated out to allow residents their privacy.


Talk of introducing a CCTV system goes back to 2003. In November of that year a problem-solving workshop was held in response to growing concerns about the number and frequency of serious assaults, as well as incidents of anti-social behaviour.


Community safety officers were tasked with carrying out a feasibility study into a CCTV system.


The Shetland Community Safety Partnership secured £220,000 from the Scottish government’s anti-social behaviour fund, and contributed £20,000 of its own funds.

Also attending the event were Chris Bowie and Wilma Tulloch, who had once organised a petition to get CCTV up and running, which attracted over 100 signatures.


“When I first came to Shetland you could have walked through Lerwick at any time day or night,†said Mrs Bowie. “There are too many incidents and I thought the cameras would be a good idea.â€

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There are a lot of workers who have been brought up here to work at total and sullom voe who seem to have very little respect for the Islanders, punch ups in pubs are very common up north and also i believe there have been incidents in town including assaults on women. What gets done about it by the council ? ill tell you not a god dam thing ! im not saying they are all like that, but there is definetly a problem up here that could get a lot worse as there are more to come over the next few months.


Total who is going to run the gas plant and who ever else is bringing up these people need brought to task over this , its not on and it needs sorted.


The results of the poll so far are worrying to say the least !

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I agree with you completely about the incoming workers. Dont ever both going out now. 10 were sacked this weekend for fighting in Brae. They have their own pub in the camp, locals are not invited in to their pub. They need to put in place some sort of community involved type programme to let everyone get to know each other. However, the management at Total don't have any respect for the neighbours that live around the gas plant so you can't expect the worker to have any respect either. Sad times :( BP have always been involved in the local community but Total don't seem to want to engage unless its a high profile event like the tall ships. And it's only going to get worst when they build the new hotel in Brae.

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Yes if someone is fighting then it is a police matter. However, the council gives permission for these big projects and must have information on the workforce required to complete these projects. They should make sure there is a code of conduct for persons working here that are not residents. When you speak to the police about things like the volume of traffic and speed on the roads now the do nothing. It's only a matter of time before someone is killed on the road between Mossbank and sullom voe. The traffic monitor is three electronic speed signs, like that's going to slow people down !!

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What gets done about it by the council ? ill tell you not a god dam thing !


I wonder what you think the council can do to prevent such assaults, is it not a police matter?


They have the power to put pressure on Total or whatever companies it is to do something about it , its a problem in our Isles , they govern our Isles and therefore they should be at the forefront of trying to sort it out , you cant just stand back and say its a police only matter because that gets nothing done.


The police try their best but they have no control over these companies the council do, but seem happy to bend over and take it as long as there is £££££ involved.

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If the police have concern over licensed premises, they can call the license to be reviewed, there has to be complaint.

I wonder if that may have not already happened, the council asking Total to control the staff. Perhaps if the council received official complaints, they may do something. If YOU have concerns over a license, you can complain to the council.

I still have yet to see what power the council have that can solve this problem. I do not think it is just the "incomers", which are always easy to blame.

Some one needs to start the process.

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if you assault folk that is the concern of the police. Thats criminal law. the council deals with civil law. There is a WORLD of difference.

if you step oot o line with TOTAL or Petrofac you get sent home.

It mightna be perfect but it is a 100 times better dan when Sullom was bein biggit.

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I know someone who was assualted on the street near the Fort, they asked if it was caught on CCTV and were told it was no use as the folk could not be identified. I have heard this is a problem with CCTV that they play down that it may show an assualt but it is difficult to prove the assualter is who it is with it CCTV as they can just say it is someone who looks like them. Its been a waste of money.

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Lights, camera, action.


Cannot imagine folk playing for the camera, that longing look to cameras so the light levels and focus are adjusted just before he stick the boot in. Have you ever tried to film wildlife in the dark? It can take many days or weeks to get a perfect shot. Yes, if the conditions are right, the cameras can help, as they do all over. The fact is though, it needs to be witnessed by those involved. The images from the camera can be used to corroborate statements. It is still the duty of normal residents of Lerwick to report any wrong doings.

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Are you saying that only criminals fight? I thought they could only be criminals after the event, or, if they went out looking for a fight, with criminal intent.


Folk are stupid, drunk and todays society has created these folk with monster potentials. It is far deeper than that really, though the Tory and the Mail reader will only want to whip folk rather than find out it is the society we live in that can have some of the blame apportioned to it. Perhaps thinking why folk need to drink to the level they do to enact violence and what could be the possible causes of the rough nature of some individuals. Lerwick, and no doubt parts of Shetland have a huge drink problem.

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