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Thanks. Wish I was settled up there....live down in manky England but keep coming up for several weeks in summer for a hol tho :) I'd love to come down to Hillswick area for a day to see you, cliffs n seal rescue place but my car isn't allowed on Mainland n the buses are erm....*not condusive to day trips :? )

Ah, sorry, I don't look in here very often and presumed you now lived here. Good that you're able to come up in the summers though. Hopefully someone might be coming to the area and could give you a lift. :)

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I don't come on here very often either. If I could live anywhere in the world then it would be Shetland!! Spent 13 weeks in 2 years up there so far n another 10 this summer....do I qualify as an honorary resident yet? :wink: It's the Bluemull ferry fares that are gonna kill me this year :cry: If it's the same as Yell Sound prices it could cost me up to £400 just coz I'm not a real resident! Not a happy bunny!

If I can get a lift it would be lovely to come n see you! :)

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Yikes! Hope you have a good time in Shetland again and hope you do manage to get onto the mainland (Shetland) sometimes.


Thanks Hun. Is there ever a *bad time* in Shetland? I love it and rather infatuated by the place :wink: Off down to Lerwick n Sumburgh courtesy of Austin Taylor (doing one o his photography courses) but fingers crossed I make it to north mainland too otherwise it will prob be next year :)

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