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This may not be shetland news. But i will post my story, and hopefully someone can help, and spread the word :D


my very best friend, named nicola, happened to own two lovely dogs, however when she had her first child she couldn't cope so she had to make the decision to rehome 1. She rehomed black and white collie named JESS.


She rehomed jess to a 'young' couple in a near by town, and gave then lots of advice etc on taking on jess as a pet. The conditions was that nicola got to hear from her every few weeks to see how jess was getting on.


This however ended up not being the case, within 3 months this couple couldn't cope with jess and put her up for 'Free to good home' Approx January 2012. When nicola asked where she went to she gave her a brief description and then blocked all contact. So my friend does get very upset about this, and i have made it MY mission to find jess without her knowing. She worries that she is in bad company or even not alive..


Last we heard, jess was STUPIDLY sent away in a crate on a ferry from aberdeen to shetland, in jan 2012. No name,address or telephone number of the new owner, just done over a gumtree ad. After the initial shock of someone actually doing this to a dog, jess is a very timid and scared dog at times. I am desperate to find her to know how she was doing.


This is my first step, contacting vets, jess Was microchipped.... her address was VIKING WAY PETERHEAD ABERDEENSHIRE. Also jess had a few health issues and had always been underweight. Does this mean anything to you?? would u allow me to send a photo?? Any help would be MUCH apprectiated. Thanks for reading."


I can send pics if anyone would like to see her.

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Are you absolutely sure that the dog was transported in a crate? I say this because there are kennels onboard and it isn't uncommon for dogs to be transported up unaccompanied. Such unaccompanied dogs are checked on by staff (Granted, I'm unsure if their advertising literature states this but I know for a fact that at least one member of staff when they're on duty does pop down and checks on them).


You might not get very far with vets and others due to data protection constraints. If you know the microchip company and the number, you could write to the company to ask them to forward your contact details to the new owner but again, data protection may apply and there's no guarantee that the new owner will have advised the microchip company of the change of ownership.

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