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Eggs from roadside sellers.


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We are started. Our shop is open for business. Well, when I say shop, I really mean cool box chained to a gate strainer at the end of our track beside the cattle grid at Gravens, Mid Walls.




We are selling 6 free range medium sized eggs for £1.50 and there might be a blue one in there too.

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I am looking for someone to supply me with eggs for my visitors. I get through 4-5 dozen per week (lots of baking!). We will be based in Lerwick, and I will supply a pail for them to be put into to save your egg boxes!


Could any of you lovely chookin owners manage this? I would also gladly take duck eggs!

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if b&b or hotel they have to come from a production unit. daft i know. but the eggs have to be produced and packed for sale by third parties they must be stamped with the producers number and must have a bbdate. but there are a number of folks that have both in shetland.

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I have asked Mr Egg-Seller himself - he does the walking down there and the searching.


We are having Chicken Wars at the moment which means the hens are laying somewhere and we are not sure where.


I can count 8 in my kitchen (some are long looking and we tend to keep these back but all taste lovely) and you are welcome to come up to the house and bang on the door. We will probably have 12 by then - just one or two might be "odd" shapes!


Let me know if that is what you want.

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