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Shetland vs Formartine United?


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It was 7-1 on the Saturday. I think Alan Scored another one. Ryan Grant came on and got one. I think one was an OG. Can't mind the other.


I thought that that the team from south were VERY poor actually. They brought this one lad on at the back who was shocking... then he tried to half James Johnstone and promptly got taken off and given some hairdryer treatment.


Decent Shetland performance though - never really had to get outta first gear though.

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Well done to Shetland with a great result over this team. However, if you ask anyone from the Aberdeen area who has any knowledge of football, and they will tell you that Formartine Utd are pretty poor. I spoke to someone from that area who was frankly surprised that we couldn't get better teams up here than Formartin.


I am not taking anything away from Shetlands performance but merely hilighting that we should be getting much better teams up here to play them which would provide us with a sterner test. I would even go so far as to say that we should really be getting highland league teams up - at least some of the lower ones. Neil Bristow made basically that ponit the other week in the article in the Shetland Times.

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