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How to get a council house!


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Anyway, the topic is housing!


Having read this thread, it does look like the current allocation rules seem somewhat less favourable to those in work and seeking to improve their lot, which does on the face of it seem unfair. But the housing dept has to allocate within the current rules.


Perhaps it's not he housing dept that should be getting the stick, but the government who decides the rules.


I'm surprised that a local business person hasn't already bought up the old council offices and turned them in to bedsits, which they could then offer to housing to house individuals, allowing them to use the existing houses for couples/families.

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All so paranoid, I was not vitalite. I saw that he went out to get all posts taken away since you lot bullied him, I see also that you do to a few others also, including me, a wee crocus. It says a great deal about you all in that I think some people who take drugs and live in council houses are better people as they do not bully or harm me, as I said I don't have far to go to join them and johanofness if any of these people who have stated what they have done to me yesterday and today said it to my face I would have something to say about it no matter who they were.




The first crocus of spring.


Hmmm...what's that bird that we hear in Spring?

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Now now Iknow it seems like I was bullying you but I was merely stating a fact, you were whining and bitching.


Unlike the rest I don't believe for a second you're really this mewling, whining, put upon loser that you hope we believe you to be. You're trolling plain and simple which is why your vitalite account got binned.


You've been rumbled so either wise up and try and play like a good boy or girl or continue trying to get people to bite to your inane drivel and get banned again in a week.


The choice contestant number 1 is yours. :wink:





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your english usage is the same. nice try. master troll


... Still calling Shetlink a bullying/abusive site, still continuously announcing "It's leaving, never to return", still hijacking threads..... The list goes on.


Something is far amiss with this one when being the focus (crocus) of adverse attention is better than no attention at all. As long as we feed the stray, it will never leave and the attention seeking will only worsen before it ceases.

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Any chance we could all just ignore him? Yet another reasonably interesting thread has descended into boring repetitive drivel.


Perhaps we could have a new thread called "Iknow spreading vitalite helps a crocus grow in the eventide?" :wink:


Love your avatar btw, ariel, meant to say so yonks ago! :)

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and back to topic. i hope the op gets a home soon. it maybe worth looking at a run down place and spending time doing it up. that could work out a lot cheaper than renting.




Maybe they could dig a hole and plant some flowers as a nod towards this thread.


I'll happily plant Crocus..... :P

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