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How to get a council house!


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Yawns. I don't want your fecking help. If you genuinely meant the above, you would have hit the pm button.




"I often write complete and utter stones on subjects I know little or nothing about as if I was the voice of authority on the subject. When people point this out, I take umbrage and pretend to dismiss said objections with a 'Yawn' or even better, a 'Whatever', which I feel suitably conveys my seemingly-casual dismissal of anyone taking odds with my know-it-all approach to life (although internally, I'm seething. But then I seeth quite a bit). Either that, or I play the persecution card and pretend I'm being ganged up on. However, please be aware that my general demeanour of thinking I know everything means - like a coldsore - I'll be back before long. Only less fun.


And of course your input seems to be of the "lets have a go and point out someone else's faults" type. I suppose that allows you to try and hide your own. How about something more productive and usefull :?

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And of course your input seems to be of the "lets have a go and point out someone else's faults" type. I suppose that allows you to try and hide your own. How about something more productive and usefull :?




I find it difficult to accept that not everything is happy and lovely like Jesus tells me it is.


{'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} me, don't tell me Jesus is trying to get a council house up here too! :wink: Will he be awarded any extra points for how far he has to travel to work?

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I second that comment "Shameful ignorant bigotry being spouted by others on here" My wife happens to be one of those so called immigrants and 90 % of her friends are also so called immigrants, I have to say since we moved back to Shetland to a house I own incase their are any stupid comments on that, That I am disapointed by the amount of comments little digs etc etc that so many so called shetlanders have at these so called Immigrants.


I know of far more SHETLAND families that work the system than any of these "immigrants" I have just helped 3 people who have not an ounce of British/Scottish or Shetland blood in their veins secure accomodation after their wonderful so called Shetland landlord gave them 2 weeks notice as he can get more money from Petrofac ! yep fair system isnt it !


They have not run to the council they didnt declare homeless they got on with looking for an alternative place to lay their head ! which has been difficult to find as everyone wants a piece of the petrofac pie with silly prices for bedsits never mind a couple of bedrooms.


As for social housing my son and his partner have been on the list for 5 years, Have thought they were close on a few occasions but alas no, on one occasion a couple split up and the wife was housed, Her daughter moved in with her 2 weeks later they resolved their differences and the marriage was saved and the single daughter is sitting in a 3 bed house nice and cosy ! Yep Shelties are no as daft as folk might think ! And their no as lilly white as some wid like t mak out ?


Normally I dont get involved or comment on very much on Shetlink but tonight this really really boiled my greth ! My wife who works 6 days a week on just above minimum wage half her money goes on travel to and from work etc etc came home dnite and asked if we could think about moving back to her country as some delightful educated upstanding member of our community had decided they were having a bad day and they would take it out on her as she wisna fae here ! so that makes it ok !


If only I had known that this was not the first time, but happens several times a week as she is in a job that she deals with the public we would have moved away again a while ago !


And for once I can hand on heart say Im NOT proud to be a Shetlander.


Your posting is so good that I just must register and post a reply. Like you, I have an immigrant wife.


You are 100% correct, if not for the greedy Shetlander landlords that are renting out at very unreasonable prices, I too will not try and apply for a council house.


I am so disappointed with the housing situation in Shetland that I am thinking of taking my immigrant wife with me and sod off to somewhere where reasonably priced housing is available. Try going to rightmove or any other renting website, enter 1 to 2 bedrooms, £400 to £600 a month, and any town or city (other than London) and you will get hundreds of results. Try the same with Shetland, and you get ZERO result. What the moaning Shetlanders do not realise is if there are more homes that are priced reasonably, most normal hardworking people will not go to the council for help!


When I am working and living down South, I will actively stay away from council estates and rent privately. No normal people will want to stay in a council estate if they can help it. However down South, there are affordable choices, but none in Shetland. £500-£600 will get you are nice home in most towns and cities.


Shetlanders are always saying that Shetland is a great place to be bringing up a family. HOWEVER without affordable and stable homes, it will never be possible to bring up a happy family. Instead of blaming themselves for pricing most people out of the housing market, Shetlanders moan about those people trying to find an affordable home jamming up the council housing system.


The typical greedy Shetland landlords do not apply to renting too, Shetlanders selling are also cashing in on Petrofac. For example, a recent house that was on the market is asking for "offers over £125k". A similar house down South will have an asking price of £90k to £100k. So not only are homes not affordable to rent in Shetland, normal working couples are also priced out of the market by greedy Shetlanders selling too!


Shetlanders are always moaning about the outflow of bright young people from the island and the need to "import" specalists consultants at a great cost. If a decent home is more affordable to rent or buy here, then maybe these young people will not leave in the first place.

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