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Sheriff Court


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I thought this thread was going to be a discussion about the differences with sentencing, alas, no, to drag up folks past from over 6 years ago to have another go.

I know from experience of a friend the harm that can be done because of such openness. One has to weigh up really the overall detriment to society. When someone is accused of something, then to publish their name and street they live in without any guilt proved can really harm folk, the family and the lives of other who may know them.

This prejudges cases, and can cause some serious problems, especially after found not guilty. I wonder how fair is that.


Would anyone please explain, how this protects society, personally, involving others not in the "target zone" as you have, is quite wrong. Folk may have moved on, families have forgiven and got on again.


Quite sad really that folk feel the need to do this. Again, easier to look at and pick apart others lives behind an anonymous guise than to look closer to home.


I widdna thought it would ever happen, but I agree with Pete. :oops:


One of your better post Pete.


Digging up the past like this has an effect on more than the person named. It causes upset to families etc who are trying to put the past behind them. Just because its out there in the www, doesn't mean it's right to drag it up again.


It's easy to pick out other peoples faults, but much more difficult to recognise our own!.

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Guest Anonymous

Yes I agree, but don't you see that muck raking is all the shetlink is about, as long as you bully then you are doing what is required of you on shetlink!

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