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Feedback on Plus Net BroadBand Please


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After a very long look around, I moved everything (phone + broadband) to PlusNet over a year, ago took their 60Gb package and, never had a problem.

Their call centers are in England and they speak English as their first language. Their reps also seem to be quite 'savvy' with their technical knowledge and are not the 'script monkeys' you encounter with other ISP's.


Took unlimited UK 'Anytime' calls package with broadband. Not the cheapest option out there but, certainly one of the best.

Can highly recommend them.


Keep in mind that Shetland's exchanges are wholly owned and equipped by BT

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I have been with them since their first incarnation as Freenetname. Then they turned into Madasafish and now Plusnet.


In their Plusnet incarnation, they are getting better and better and I like the fact they are based in England, try their hardest to help and have stopped being a nameless person far away talking the talk.


I do think, when I see the flashy BT adverts that maybe they could be cheaper, but actually I have no intention of moving as BT in their real persona are a lying bunch of boobalubes every time I have had to deal with them about just the phone not working!


I know friends who have left Plusnet for Tiscali and came back pretty sharpish

when they found what really bad customer service can be like.

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Never noticed the recent fibre disconnection as BT stuff was auto reconnected. I'm assuming that included PlusNet.


All Shetland (except Lerwick exchange) broadband traffic was diverted on to SIC/FT fibre (regardless of which ISP you use). The problems were restricted to Lerwick exchange area which has 21-CN. The availability of 21-CN allows ISPs more choice of wholesale provider. This is normally a good thing but... Some ISPs are (evidently) using a wholesale provider (not BT Wholesale or Faroese Telecom) which is not using the resilient route. [clear as mud, I know...]


That said, I would be surprised if PlusNet didn't use BT Wholesale which uses the SIC/Faroese Telecom resilient route.

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