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The 'wick' part always pronounced 'week', but Hillswick sometimes Hillsook.


Larook was the preferred North Mainland pronunciation in my day. Apart from Hillswick the only other wick name in the North Mainland that I am aware of is a croft north of Sweening in Lunnasting, now abandonded, called Sandwick which was always pronounced "Sannook".

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Brought up ida Toon wi yokel parents.

I say Lerrik some say Lerook. If you say Walls (WASTSIDE!) Dat wid only be pronounced WAAAS. If you think Lunna is pronounced Luna.......it is nowhaur near da moon........? If you say Sumburgh, It'sTattielovers an Soothmoothers homeland. Scallowaa? Village 'O' Da Damned. An I imna sure if da Fetlar fok irna da Sheepthieves? I stand to be corrected..... :wink:

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This is quite interesting. Lerrik, and Mayweek. What about Hillswick, Levenwick, Haraldswick etc, would you also say those with the week ending?


I would say Lerweek, Hillsweek Haraldsweek etc.






Shandrik (Channerwick)

San'week (which incorporates Sannik)


Not saying my way is right - it's just how I say them. Looking at it shows some inconsistency :lol:

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