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Access to Ness of Burgi


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Anyone been out there since the winter storms ? The causeway has taken a bit of a thrashing since my last visit, the safety chain is still intact but a few more winters of westerly's may well leave us with another story. Today :-







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The Historic Scotland guys were out fixing it when I was out there a few weeks or so back. A number of stanchions had been totally knocked out and others bent. Some big boulders about on the causeway and the tops.


Looks like they finished repairing it from your photos. The block house itself didn't seem any worse for wear.


Great place out there...

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^ Cheers for that Longdog, I wondered why all the stanchions were in such good nick and yes plenty big boulders been on the move :-


and little wonder when we think back to 4th Feb this year :-


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