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patient travel to Aberdeen Maternity for birth

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Perhaps the maternity dept could put up a posters/notice in their day room ,waiting areas for pergnant mums or better still make sure *all* the maternity staff are aware of such a service and tell those mothers about the info posted above that may require the additional help.


If maternity unit are aware of this service why are mothers not being told about it??.

Important thing is the info should help those pregnant mums thjat need help.

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I was made aware of it by patient travel up here, when I was pregnant going south - on the way home after I had my son in Aberdeen I chose to get a taxi due to not feeling 100% and having a new born I just wanted to get to the airport quickly.


The Minibus is an absolute god send. It stopped for a bit a while back and I was lost without it. They even carry car seats for every age child. This service is amazing and they do their best to accommodate in every situation. They're brilliant. :D

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In answer to one of the posts above, when we went to Aberdeen to have our second child we thought it would be far easier for us all to go on the boat. The doctors/Northlink advised seriously against this and said that if we did travel that way at an advanced stage of pregnancy and the eventuality of early labour/complications/airlift arose we would be liable for the costs they estimated a hefty 3-4000! So we flew!

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.... and they try to avoid the potholes when you are post-op with stitches too!




Haha I did plan to say something along those lines of 'more comfortably' but, in normal circumstances the bus is pretty comfy, but not post giving birthday when even the softest cushions hurt :lol:

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