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Shetland Customer Service Again !!


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At the end of the day from the outside looking in they do their own thing and by all accounts do it well. Obviously they're not going to please everyone but thats life. Maybe they're happy with there lot and don't want to expand as thats what breaks a lot of companys in the end.


Best leave it to them to get on with it, none of us know what it takes to run that business so apart from summising, whats the point.


@Unlikedstudent, I never made a personal comment about you at any stage in this thread! :wink:

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I have just bought a DAB radio from George Robertson's. I rang them and paid for it over the phone.

It was £1 cheaper than Amazon and £5 cheaper than PC World and I will get it this afternoon because a friend is collecting it for me - no waiting for the post.


Sometimes it really pays to shop locally!

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