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Holiday Homes

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Hi, I have a few queries regarding Holiday Homes/Static Caravans:


-Does anyone know whether there are any caravan sites that allow Holiday Homes to be pitched on a pemanent basis?


-Can Holiday Homes/Static Caravans be transported via the Northlink Ferry?


-Are there any Holiday Home to Let all year round?


Thanks in advance,



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Firstly Northink will bring them over as we brought 2 over few years ago and using them while we selfbuild.


They will stand up to the Shetland Weather no problem as we have proved.

They can bow in the worst winds however extra supports prevents this.


The most importnant thing is they are well strapped down with extra strong webbing straps eg lorry straps which then are checked regularly and adjusted as necessary.


It the noise more than anything when force 9 or 10 hits.

Otherwise quite cosy and comfy.

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Thanks for all your replies...Very interesting regarding Northlink that's good news... Well I'm planning on moving up to the island in June for at least 4 years so sounds like this could be an option. I'd be looking at getting a good quality one that I would hope could survive the winds! But sounds like my only struggle would be locating one on a site somewhere....I'll maybe speak to a few sites and the council?





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They need well tied down as mentioned by Silvercloud, a proper skirt and shelter from buildings or a big fence, but yes they can be cosy. The Council site at Hoofields has a site standing empty but they have refused to rent it to at least 2 locals so far, so not sure what's going on there. They could be a good supplement to our housing problem.

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Please do remember that story about damaged caravans, we're not taking a little bash, they folded like packs of cards. It wasn't a one off either. People don't understand about the wind up here until they experience it. The weather we can get up here in the winter causes "disasters" elsewhere. just remember to find somewhere really sheltered.

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Just to add be well prepared, well organised and always have emergency back up plan .When you know gales are comming check and add anything extra you might need.

I've seen more damage to some houses which folk are living in up here, but never take anything for granted.


From what I heard the statics that blew away were not in best of condition ,poorly sited and not well secured down could be wrong just what I heard.

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I think it was the mother and father of all storms that got the ones at Hoofields.


It was the one at Annsbrae that was got by the hurricane. Hoofields replaced it - in the 90s I think? - and I've not heard of major storm damage there. The one in the blog Muckle Joannie posted looks to be in Hoofields. Think the big fences help shelter them.

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