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The 2 statics we have on site at present were transported here from England. It wasn't too expensive, you need to shop around and do your homework, especially somebody then moving them from the docks to the site.

We found Northwards to be excellent once they arrived in Lerwick and we got some fantasic quotes moving them up to Aberdeen.


Just be careful you don't get ripped off :wink:

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Even in a well strapped down static caravan, I wouldn't want to encounter one of the big storms that seem to hit the isles every two or three decades.


I remember the 92 storm, there was a destructive storm on the 20th December, followed by the record breaking storm on the 31st. I was in Lerwick, we only recorded gusts to 93 mph, but it was still pretty scary, I remember dry stone dykes that had stood for over 100 years being blown over on Foula.


The 93 storm wasn't as extreme in strength - it was the relentless nature of the storm, January saw 25 days of force 9 and above gales.





My advice for anyone living in a static caravan on Shetland would be to pitch it in as sheltered a place as possible (old quarry would be ideal), strap it down well and then strap it down more, keep a close eye on the weather forecasts, and have a contingency plan in the event things get too hairy.

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Just to add be well prepared, well organised and always have emergency back up plan .When you know gales are comming check and add anything extra you might need.

I've seen more damage to some houses which folk are living in up here, but never take anything for granted.


From what I heard the statics that blew away were not in best of condition ,poorly sited and not well secured down could be wrong just what I heard.


I was working for the council at the time and was part of the clean up team. After what I witnessed I would never live in a static caravan. While some of the caravans were not in the best of condition some were relatively new. They had been secured but they were still destroyed - in some cases all that was left was the chassis and the toilet pan!


I removed a mattress from the garden of a house just behind St Columbas church ( can't remember the name!) and the side of a van from a tree at the Kveldrso. It gave me a very healthy respect for Mother Nature.


As MJ says the weather experienced here causes disasters elsewhere and until you have experienced it first hand it is difficult to imagine. I moved to Shetland in the late 80's and my definition of windy completely changed! When I visit family and they comment on a really windy day it's really just a light breeze!

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