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Shetland Box Office

Is Shetland Box Office Fit for purpose  

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  1. 1. Is Shetland Box Office Fit for purpose

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I logged in at 10 am clicked get tickets only to find basket empty , I repeated this about 5times then got on the phone at about 1003 , engaged tone was to be expected but I did get through about 15 times upto about 1040 with. "Sorry there is no reply" and " the other person has hung up" When I did eventually get through they where sold out!!!! I'm not a happy bunny I can tell you.

Karl :evil:

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Don't know first hand, wasn't trying, but I see folk complaining on Facebook that while the online system was "okay", trying on the phone was a complete fiasco. Seems to be happening too often though when there's tickets going on sale through the Box Office for something that would be expected to sell out pretty quick that the system is chaotic. This is by no means the first time there's been a thread about it happening.

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The box office works in such a way that you can add tickets and you get an hour or so to pay for them, during which time it looks like they have sold. If they don't get paid for they are released back for sale - which is why there may have been some tickets a bit later on.

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Now that would have been too easy. I wounder how many folk in the rurals got a ticket


What chance does anyone have if they don't have the internet or if their connection is mega dire/slow?


An hour to hold tickets in the basket sounds a tad too long - how long do the likes of Ticketmaster give you?

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Quite apart from the website's purchasing disfunctionality, the site itself is an amazing example of uselessness. Has anyone managed to find any event on it without looking through all the pages one by one? Whenever I try to use the search facility I am given the message:


The Apache Solr search engine is not available. Please contact your site administrator.

That would be unacceptable for a few days, but it has been like that (for me at least) for months, if not years.

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Something people seem to overlook is that this is common for any popular gig or event anywhere, and has been for a long as online sales have existed. Unless you keep a very close eye on when tickets are due to go on sale, and are very lucky with your internet connection, you don't stand a chance.


Likewise, obviously manual sales are going to be slower and chaotic, but thats all good. Much better than tickets still being on the door come September!

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Yes but I constantly hit redial for 40 min I got engaged tone, I got through and after 3rings I got there is no reply and other times I got the other person hung up. The website wouldn't put tickets in my basket .. I wonder how folk in the rurals got tickets.....

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